Silver, Gold, and Valentine’s Red (wine).

There are a few months of the years where it is seemingly never-ending, one celebration after another. I find myself googling to try to find something new or extra special. The truth is though, me and my husband are pretty basic. We do like chocolates, red wine, and a good book. So below is a little list of the great basics and where to find them.



Gold: A classic from Yardley, according to fans it is becoming harder to get hold of nowadays. It has a light citrus scent with a warm amber underneath. Gorgeous smell and a snip at £6.75.


Olverum: Is potentially the most luxurious bath oil I have ever had the delectable pleasure in using. You really do only need the smallest amount to have a seriously indulgent bath. The oil leaves your skin incredibly soft, while the essential oils melt away stress, leaving you calm and refreshed and in the perfect state to sleep. From £29.00

War Paint


First up the Sleek Makeup iDivine Eyeshadow Palette, A New Day – a brilliant array of nudes, plenty of colour payoff, not much fallout and of course a huge mirror which I just love. With a nice mix of matte and shimmer, this is a great staple palette. Pick it up for a reasonable £6.65 with same day delivery.

Sleek Makeup Blush Palette, in Pink Lemonade – one cream, one matte powder, and one slightly shimmery highlighter. The highlighter isn’t my bag but the cream and the power are brilliant. They last all day with the right fixing spray and are super pigmented. Gorgeous spring colour and great to have in your makeup kit.

I am a lip balm fiend. I cannot have enough tubes in my bags, car, desk draws. This Mentos Raspberry one is fresh and fruity and keeps lips soft and supple for a few hours. Reapply liberally and often for a super soft pout.

Trinkets and Treasures

First up we have a plain Sterling Silver Heart Charm bracelet ideal to buy and get engraved. It comes in at a sweet £13.75.

Beating hearts baby, a beautiful rose gold Heartbeat pendant, this is pretty, delicate and still makes a statement. An affordable piece at £7.45. Comes gift boxed in a cute rustic little box.

LOTD: £3, 5 rings. Stackable, spreadable and cute this ring stack is for those who love a little extra sparkle. The Silver Antique Stone 5 ring Set is cute and adds a little something extra to any outfit.


Eat & Drink:

Red wine and Chocolate. The classic romantic combination?


This Blockhead Shiraz is from, personally, I don’t like red wine, but my husband would opt for a nice red over most other alcoholic beverages. This is a neat £7.99 and is being saved for a large steak.

The cutest box of chocolates I ever did see, Jenny Wren Belgian Chocolates are just gorgeous, filled with flavour and a great selection. The little touch that makes this special is the three-tiered fold outbox, that can be turned into a keepsake box. Currently available from Sainsbury’s for sweet £6.50.

Little Touches


A good book is a remedy for the fast-paced life we live. A New Map of Love by Abi Oliver.

A New Map of Love has been described as a “delightful read” and, thankfully, this is exactly what Abi Oliver set out to achieve. It was inspired, in part, by moments of time from within her life, but primarily crafted out of a desire to create a character-driven and heart-warming story about a quintessentially English man living in a quintessentially English village in the 1960s and his journey into a new life

Matching organisation tools. I am a fond collector of organisers, notebooks, pens… stationery in general. It’s still early enough in the year to treat a loved one to a lovely new set of matching stationery. Splashing out on a dateless planner, with stickers and bits and pieces is a gift that can last all year long.


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