Perfect Stocking Filler Gift Guide

We used to wrap up smaller gifts and pop them under the tree, but since the girls have gotten a bit bigger, we’ve taken to hanging stockings up. It just looks really Christmassy! This year we are going to have 6 little stockings hanging up and I can’t wait. We don’t generally set a limit on the amount we spend or put in a stocking, but in general, we like to put useful things in there and a few little treats too.


There aren’t many people who don’t appreciate a great selfie. Debenhams have a brilliant Smartphone Ring Light for £10, is it part of their 3 for 2 on gifts and it is blumin great. It works for products as well as giving that pretty halo effect in the pupils.

I dropped my phone a little while ago and smashed it to pieces. It had a case on, but I wouldn’t say it was the best case. After that, we picked up cases for everyone and everything – just in case. These (*)Speck Presidio cases are highly rated, and if you like something protective but subtle then they have a Clear + Glitter one, with tiny flecks of gold glitter. Simple and safe. The range also extends to iPads, MacBooks and more.

Next up, combining technology and books! There have been a few kinds of similar attempts at AR and books, but I haven’t actually played with one this fun and well made before. This one is really simple. You download an app called Zappar and hover over the pictures in the book and they spring to life. There are noises, sometimes the characters move beyond the pages of the book, and it by far the fastest loading AR I have ever used. I think the idea of combining books an AR is brilliant, it puts a modern spin on something classic. The Boy With His Head Stuck in a Book is £5.99 & the app was free to download.


We have a tradition of getting new PJ for over the Christmas holidays. I have always like the idea that they signify that it is a time to relax, school is over for a short while, the Christmas movies are on the telly. We change our ringtone to Jingle Bells, the lights twinkle on the tree and all the blankets are out. La Coqueta has some of the most gorgeous, high-quality PJs we’ve seen in ages. They have just launched their Christmas Gift Shop and it’s just spectacular. Lily is wearing the Boneta Girl Nightgown, £46

Fluffy Socks! Through the year I don’t know how, or why, but we lose at least from every pair of socks. So now I buy grey school socks for the girls and black in bulk for everyone else. However, they just aren’t festive enough for me. Over the next few months rather than keep putting the heating up, we add layers. Thick socks are essential and in order to make the Christmas spirit last that much longer, they are pretty much the only socks with any patters or colour in our house. I am partial to Nordic style patterns and muted colours, so these Moliker ones are totally my style and for a pack of 5, it is £12.99.

This year we have a little addition to the family. Maddox is only 8 weeks at the moment, so we have a few little bits and pieces for him too. Big Elephant has some onesies that I adore. He is a little bit too little to fit in them right now, but I am really looking forward to seeing him in them in a couple of weeks time. First Christmas is always much more fun for the parents than the little ones, so something they can wear is practical and a keepsake. This one is £14.99

Eat & Drink

The UK has a long-standing tradition of solving anything with a cup of tea. Broken leg? Let’s put the kettle on. In our house PG Tips come out on top for my husband as he is a huge tea drinker. So obviously a personalised PG Tips Breakfast in Bed set is perfect and useful. The kit comes with a personalised mug, 40 teabags and an egg cup. They are £11.99 and you can get yours here PG Tips Breakfast in Bed Kit.

Over Christmas, I like to eat chocolate until I can’t possibly eat any more then eat a bit more anyway. But, this isn’t about me. If you are making up a few stockings, or a couple of little gift boxes, or if you just know someone who really likes chocolate – then a Green & Black’s Organic Tasters is great. It has 24 miniatures, which is enough to share around and eat a couple (or not).

If you need inspiration for Him, Her or the Kids I’ll be posting some great gift guides on the 30th of November!


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