Men’s Gift Guide

Let’s hear it for the basic gifts that aren’t big on excitement, but are big on practicality. I try to get my husband and brother something cool, but something useful too. As mentioned in my women’s gift guide, this year for us is really scaled back – that goes for everyone. Here are some of the things under our Christmas tree this year.

My husband has a pretty decent sized beard, but he has ‘cheek sprouts’ and is partial to stealing my razor before a client meeting. So, this classic is both practical and pretty. This one can be picked up from amazon, along with shaving soap and a brush in a Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edge Safety Razor or as separate parts. I love the traditional style of this razor and it feels weighed in just the right way.

Woody’s Quality Grooming has some great (as the name suggests) grooming products. From beard oil, to this cool looking, and smelling, body & laundry spray. It’s light, lasts a long time and doesn’t send you back to being 14 and overwhelmed by male body spray. Want to check it out? > Woody’s Love Grenade <

Everyone is familiar with Cobra, the beer matches with the UK’s most loved dish. So, it stands to reason that they’d improve on their premium and produce King Cobra. It’s a double fermented in the bottle which makes it unique in terms of beer. It has poppable top much like champagne, so it feels that little bit more of an occasion. It goes with curry and a slap up meal alike. Get it delivered in time for Christmas here > King Cobra <

ASALI have some stunning leather goods. My husband carries travel passes and card rather than cash most of the time. So, every year I tend to buy a new cardholder because pulling his current one out 10 or more times a week wears them down pretty quickly. The red on the card wallet is really bright, and the stitching is gorgeous. It comes in pretty luxe packaging too. The Red Arrows and key ring gift set is £30 and perfect for airplane enthusiasts. Check out the range > ASALI <

I remember a few years ago, and maybe still now, some of the top gifts were satnavs. Now, we mostly use Waze or Google Maps. However, with a rise in ‘crash for cash’ type incidents, it’s wise to invest in something like this Next Base Dash Cam. You’ll need a micro SD to save your footage, but if you’re ever in a crash it will automatically save upon impact. For me this is a great gift for any driver, pick your up here > Next Base Dash Cam <

This Stormtrooper is super cool. My husband isn’t a bit drinker but when we do, we like a whiskey. I don’t think I ever mentioned it on the blog but not so long ago, he made a Stormtrooper out of fiberglass. So, this is an ultra cool gift that you can pick up from Find Me a Gift. If you have a Starwars lover in the family then check out this gift here > Stormtrooper Decanter <

Everyone needs at least one good shirt. For interviews, date nights or simply those occasions that looking smarter is required. My husband and brother both wear shirts to work, some are just for client meetings or larger pitches other are everyday wear. Either way, a great shirt is always a useful gift. Take a browse here > Men’s Shirt <

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