Kid-mas Gift List

We are now gloriously into December, which means we are zooming towards Christmas – hurrah! Some of these items have affiliate links, most don’t. We were sent a couple of these items to test out.

Tech Free

As much as we love tech, we love furry bears, face paint and books. Here are some perfect tech free treats!

Personalised Little Miss Mulberry Bear for a sweet £16.99, Giftpup has a whole host of gorgeous personalised items. The Little Miss mulberry Bear is super soft, grey and has a cute little black t-shirt with a silver metallic name and crown. A very thoughtful gift, that will be cherished for years to come.

Wise-ish Words from The Book of Everyone is frankly, beautiful. There are a few easy ways to personalise the book for your child, but we pretty much stayed with what they had. The words are nice and big – great for kids learning to read. The text is all uplifting and positive and a breath of fresh air. It’s not a story, it’s the perfect keepsake of positive affirmations that kids growing up today need.

£23.95 for a soft back book.

Face paint! Snazaroo has a gorgeous Small Jewellery Face Paint Gift Box that is totally kitted out for the creative kiddos out there. Stencils, brushes, metallic paints, and sponges. I am looking forward to seeing the designs that the girls come up with.

£19.99 but process may vary (worth it).

Heelys the super cool sneakers with a twist. The X2 Fresh Shoes have two wheels instead of one and come in a massive choice of colours. These are totally for kids who love to be different, and are adventure lovers. There are plenty of videos on their YouTube channel to get you started – but expect it to be a learning process. We love them. Oh, the wheels are removable too, so you can turn them back into normal shoes when you need to.




Tech-ing It Up

A common thing in this house is music or mobile phones. Only two items will make the list this year.

VTech Kidicom Max comes with the ability for kids send messages to their parents, learning games, take photos and is touch screen. Simple and safe. A great mini step into how to use a mobile device safely. From £99

The other item, which I think is super cool and I am looking forward to seeing it in action is the VTech Learning Tunes Music Player – ’cause who doesn’t love to have a dance? From £16.99

Tiny Treats

Bibetta have some festive bibs at the moment, I am looking forward to seeing my niece in the Rudolf the Red nosed Reindeer one! They are super durable and the crumb catcher (flips from the back of the bib to the front) has Rudolf written on it. Cute touch! £7.50


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