Female Entrepreneur Week – My Inspirational Women

I am very fortunate to know some very inspiring women, in fact, I am delighted to actually work alongside some of them. While thinking about what I would write for FEW it was obvious to me that actually, rather than talk about me and what I do, I should be talking about the women that inspire me on a daily basis to do more, do better and dream bigger.

Without further ado, here are women who encourage, support, and nurture other women to be who they want to be.

Jordan Garvey

This woman! I could say so, so much about her. She is the mother of a beautiful little girl who no doubt will be as fiery and creatively beautiful as her mama. Jordan champions women in business, not only is she in the midst of a degree, but she manages events at Shakti Women, builds websites & social media packages for other clients, runs her own online store and blog Au Contraire Ma Mère AND is writing a book. Jordan is a force to be reckoned with, she believes in women, supporting women, growing women, reaching out to women and I am utterly blessed to get to work with her in any capacity.

Here is a snippet from her ‘about’ section:

I wanted to start a blog where, I could not only talk about my own experiences as mother and a freelance creative but also creative a place to document the mamas who are doing their thang and paving the way for the next generation of mothers, daughters and sisters. So on this blog you will find interviews, features, opinion pieces, lifestyle posts and whatever else I can wangle into these pages.


Siobhan Harper-Nunes

I don’t even know where to start. The winner of Outstanding Leadership in the West Midlands Women’s Awards 2016, Siobhan has been active in championing women for over a decade. Founding Shakti Women in 2007, since then providing training, support, networking, personal growth, professional growth AND business growth to thousands of women. Every month she finds new ways to reach out and support other women. In 2017 alone she piloted a confidence and aspirations workshop for girls aged 8-18, published a book filled with independent female writers, launched new chapters, completed and launch a research paper based entirely on research about women… the list goes on. Siobhan is the epitome of what it means to champion women in business. Meeting her changed my life, and I know for sure I am not the only one.

I believe in happiness above all. We have a voice – use it.
I believe we author our own lives.
I believe women, more than men, get distracted from their dreams with family and work and caring obligations and forget to “put ourselves first”.
I believe that until we learn to value ourselves and our dreams, we cannot set the best example for our daughters (or indeed for our sons).
I believe we can have anything but we have to be selective.

I have five key areas that I work on in my life:
•Myself: happiness, health, wisdom, personal growth – expression through my word and my deeds.
•My family: quality time and time to support their aspirations
•My home: creating a beautiful environment to nurture, support and promote creativity.
•My business: providing quality services and developing a sustainable organisation, providing value to our customers and developing new opportunities for women.
•My wealth: supporting my dreams, ensuring my autonomy and enabling our global contribution to women’s independence.
Told you, epitome.


Sarah Debnam

Ha, this woman! Talk about a pure determination to make it work. She runs the social media for multiple companies, facilitates photography workshops as well as running her own photography business. She recently gained huge coverage in newspapers for her spectacular photographs of a birth. Sarah is one of those women who works incredibly hard and you can see the progress of skills as she goes. Always full of useful tips on editing or tools – she’s just awesome. She recently helped one of her daughters to start an online store too. Talk about empowering women from a young age!

Me Mam & Nana

It wouldn’t be a list of inspirational women without mentioning my Mother and Nana. They may not have started their own businesses or marched for rights but what they do is continually support and encourage me. Any time of day, any issues I have, I can call and get an honest opinion and that soundboard is priceless.

Kirsty Jennings

Kirsty made a huge leap in the last month, from a full-time job to working from home as a writer and blogger. What I love about Kirsty is that she leap into it head first determined to make it work for her and her little boy. She has shown that with some determination, some great support and some serious balls (ovaries?) you can make changes to your life that are scary but also so rewarding. I love hearing about who she is writing for on a daily basis and she clears more written work in a day than I do in a week!! Legend. She writes over at Miss Pork Pie and is very much an inspiration for changing what you can to get the life that you want.

My Backbone & Heart

These women can only be summarised in a short and punchy paragraph because it suits them down to the ground. Louise from Birds and Lilies, Rachel from Coffee, Cake, Kids, Stacey from Stacey in the Sticks, Maria from Suburban Mum, Trudy from Rendezvous NY and Natalie Scott freelance florist. These women are total badasses, carving out their own spaces in the world, making their own cash, dictating their working hours, working hard and are the best group of people you’re ever, ever going to meet.

And of course, my own three girls.

Without them, I wouldn’t even be thinking about Female Entrepreneur Week.


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