Dear Media, now Kate has had her baby, can you do me a favour?

Dear Media,
Now Kate has given birth, for the second time. Iconically standing and presenting her beautiful baby to the media in a floaty blue dress adorned with white polka dots displaying a recognisable pride and ‘post birth glow’ the first time round. With her husband bursting with first-time-dad-pride, gently lifting the baby boy from Kate’s arms, to satisfy the hunger that the media had for the ‘perfect’ shot of the Royal pair. Her hair was flawless, her face was filled with pride, unknowing and beauty. Beneath all of that, under that floaty blue dress was a post baby bump, and rightly so. Beneath her flawless makeup were the lines and dark patches of every new parent and tuckled away in every flash of your cameras was her nervousness at handling her baby, her brand new baby in front of you all. Each click of the camera you strip a little away of the ‘baby moon’, with each ‘post baby’ work out you print you take something away from us all.

Dear Media,
In the wake of today’s news, although you are poised to print the newest weight loss, exercise, healthy eating crash diet designed to lose weight FAST please consider printing a ‘How to enjoy the first weeks post baby‘, or perhaps a ‘Healthy foods to nourish your post baby body‘ and maybe even ‘Your guide to handling nightfeeds‘. Although as women we are on a never ending quest to feel good about ourselves, who we are and what we do, after birth we are fragile. I do not mean fragile in that we are weak, I mean that having endured a labour and birth, (not always the one in which we had thought we would have) what we truly need is to nourish our minds, bodies and souls. Losing weight shouldn’t be the top of any woman’s post baby to do list. By all means, having a healthy eating plan is important, during the first few weeks energy rich foods, iron right foods and leafy greens will lead to a quicker recovery for most women. The aim however should not be to shed pounds. As a nation we are embracing mindfulness, public breastfeeding and people becoming famous via YouTube, as we see the signing of plus sized models to top class modelling agencies, as we see multicultural cities, no street of neighbours the same, as we see a rise in people caring about our economy and using their voices for good, and our tea consumption per capita is of course the highest in the world. Is it so unbearable that rather than splash Kate’s beautiful post baby body across your magazine next to the headline ‘How Kate Will Lose the Baby Weight‘ or ‘KATE – Back in size 8’s days after birth!! How? Find out here!‘ and the very worst ones ‘Kate can’t shift baby weight!‘ or ‘Kate still carrying baby weight 5 days after birth‘ you write something about the glory, profound beauty and the most absolute of things – the wonder of a new mother. First time and beyond.

Dear Media,
Please do me and millions of other women a favour? Can you look at your wives, girlfriends, daughters, granddaughters and think about the impact you are having with the words you write and the pictures you print. We are trying to raise smart, strong and capable women and each time you tear away the beauty of birth and leave behind the fear of carrying baby weight you undo all our hard work. I want to live in a world where you aren’t scratching like rats to find a good hook to get women trying to burn off weight before it is deemed as healthy in the eyes of the health departments. I want to live in a world where you say ‘Kate, well done, she is beautiful and so are you‘. I want to live in a world where, I no longer have to avoid all the news stands, magazines and online forums. Please fill your covers with positive messages, fill your pages with real tips from real parents, get advice from midwives, health visitors and nutritionist about eating plans to provide nutrients and support to an exhausted mothers body. Fill your pages with something I wouldn’t be ashamed to be caught reading and would even show my daughters.

Fill your pages with support and love. (or fuck right off).

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