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Breastfeeding – Important discoveries & milestones.

Things that have happened during month 1 of breastfeeding.

My boobs now look like Snoopy’s nose, except less perky.

I sat in Starbucks with one tit roaming free as the carrier strap had allowed it to escape. Tiny was asleep. In the other direction.

My most used nursing bra has begun to detach on one side, randomly. They are now more lopsided than ever.

When whipping out a breast in public I cannot help but look at my nipple for fluff.

I get fluffy nipples.

I think my nipples, when not fluffy, look like a giant mouse nose.

I have often breast padded only one breast. The other, clearly saddened by this proceeds to leaks enough for two. Also known as the bastard boob. 

The only people who take sneaky glances are women. I shall warn you, with a roaming boob if I spin too fast I could slap you. And myself. Hard.

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