3 Essential Purchases In Your First Home

Ah, your first home!

For a lot of people, becoming a homeowner for the first time is both a blessing and a curse. For a start, you finally can enjoy total freedom of decor – you can paint the walls and put as many nails in them as you want to, something that most landlords don’t let you do. But there’s also the new responsibilities of homeownership, namely house maintenance and mortgage payments. Needless to say, it’s a stressful time when you first make an offer on a property. So, it’s easy to oversee some of the essential furnishing duties you’ll have to take when you first move in. Indeed, most first-time buyers carefully evaluate the maximum mortgage they can afford against the cost of potential renovation in the property. But they fail to realise that it’s not uncommon to move in before the renovation works are finished. In other words, you might need to invest in furniture and appliances before the home is ready.

Here are the top 3 areas where you need to invest to make it work – because you don’t want to feel like you’re living in boxes until everything is done.

The house doesn’t come with inbuilt furniture

If you’ve been a tenant in a partially furnished property, you might need to buy essential items. Indeed, it’s not uncommon for rentals to have inbuilt furniture, such as a wardrobe or a storage cupboard in the kitchen. You can’t afford to live in boxes forever – even if the house is still being renovated. So the first things you have to buy should help you to clear out your boxes: Rauch wardrobes, for instance, are an excellent address to find customisable wardrobes that fit a variety of bedrooms. Shelves, cupboards and chests of drawers can help to organise the space.  

Seriously, you need the right appliances

Even if you’ve planned to remodel the kitchen, you have to accept that you can’t live from pizza deliveries and takeaway curries until the remodelling project is over. You need to pick a few kitchen design features that can already be implemented in the room. For instance, you don’t need to have all the cupboards ready to install a hob and a fridge. On the contrary, you can get these plugged in and connected to the gas – if you’re going to use gas – at the start of the renovation project. In other words, you can still enjoy a home-cooked meal even if the kitchen isn’t finished yet!

You don’t need a bed to sleep well

What’s the first thing you need to buy for your bedroom? Ideally, you should order a mattress at the time you’re moving in – or even before, depending on delivery delays. While a mattress doesn’t a bedroom make, it’s to say that you deserve a good night sleep from the moment you move in. So make sure to try a few mattresses in shops until you find the right one for you. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t found the bed yet. A comfy mattress and a warm duvet are a good place to start.  

Don’t be tempted to wait until all the renovation works are done to furnish your home. You can add some homely items, from storage features to additional comfort, to make the most of your first weeks in your new nest!

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