Don’t Let The Costs Of Owning A Pet Drive You Barking Mad

Our pets are members of the family. We love them, care for them, and want to make them happy and healthy. As a result, we tend to spend more on them than we should, and more than we really need to. Here, we’re going to take a closer look at how we can ensure that our pets still get the care and attention they deserve, but without making as large a paw-print in the budget.

Invest in proper equipment

It could sound a little counter-productive when it comes to saving on the costs of pet ownership. However, for pets that require high quality or high tech gear, whether it’s fish tank filters or dog harnesses, it’s better not to skimp out and eat the initial cost. Otherwise, you’re likely to have to buy them again in no time at all. Buy equipment that’s less likely to break or degrade. If you get pet gifts at Christmas, hit both birds with one stone (not literally) by aiming for high-quality practical options. 

Be a smart food shopper

Pet food is naturally going to be one of the most common recurring costs of all. It’s not recommended that you opt for cheap and relatively nutrition-light foods in an effort to cut costs. Rather, where you buy them could make the difference. Getting pet food online can be a lot more cost-effective and can also make it easier to buy in bulk. Get more food in order, storing up for the months ahead, and it can be much cheaper than frequent visits to the pet store. Just make sure you’re buying brands you’re familiar and happy with, no matter where.

Photo by Joe Caione on Unsplash

Invest in preventative care

Again, investing now can save you when it comes to higher costs later in their life. Being proactive with your pets’ care, from ensuring they get the mandatory vaccines to paying for annual checks, can help you prevent bigger bills from the vet that are often avoidable. What manner of preventative care you invest in will depend on what pets you have, so ask the vet for tips on what you should be thinking about. Similarly, consider what you will cover yourself and what your insurance should handle.

Choose your insurance wisely

Speaking of insurance, most of your large costs are going to be handled by your policy. If you think you can skip insurance, then I seriously recommend you reconsider. Sometimes, the costs of vet care can match elective treatments for humans, which might be more than your budget can handle. You can use the internet, however, to compare the market, looking at different providers, and their policies. Always the time to scan the market when it’s time to renew a policy, too. Few insurance providers reward loyalty, so switching can often be the correct choice.

Hopefully, I’ve proven the point that the best way to save money on your pet is to take much better care of them, now. A few investments in the short-term and your long-term budget can be a lot more manageable. It doesn’t mean that no unforeseen costs will pop up, but it can help you make some savings to prepare for them.


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