DKL Toys Review

The lovely people over at DKL sent us some amazing toys for review.

I knew for sure which item I wanted, I was hoping so hard for the Hama beads, I had them when I was little, I remember sitting for hours making shapes. I didn’t even realise they were still around! So when they arrived on the doorstep I was already excited!

So first up, obviously one of the most fun parts is box opening!

We received, Pony World Hama Beads & Chubby Cater. Both girls were very excited as you can see. We tend to stick to wooden toys, so the Chunky Cater was right up our street. It is rather fabulous quality, sturdy and interesting. I was trying to get a picture where a small hand wasn’t grabbing it. It was impossible, so if you will please excuse the excitement, there are tiny hands everywhere!

Wonderworld – Chubby Cater

The Chubby Cater is incredibly sturdy and really colourful. The pully handle really encourages Mojo to pull him along while she is trying to toddle, or use him as travelling around the house friend when she is crawling. The body can roll in multiple ways, this was fantastic because all too often she can get frustrated with a toy that rolls over and then needs to be dragged along rather than rolls. Genius.

In fact, when I tried to take a photo without her in it, this is what happened….

It is an absolutely lovely product, so simple. I would totally recommend it, Mojo is not easily pleased.

Hama Beads – Pony World

On to the Hama Beads, I have to admit this might just be my favourite. Only because I remember having them when I was younger. I loved them. So does Eldest. It was nice for her to test something she hadn’t ever played with before, nothing even similar to be honest.

So here we go.

If you’ve ever had these you will remember sitting placing the tiny beads onto the pin board, then waiting for your Mom to iron them together for you. This time I was the Mom! These are really simple and fun.

Firstly you do the making of the shape, animal or house. There is so much room for imagination, even with a shaped pin board.

So as it’s Pony World, we made a pony! Above you can see just a small sample of the beads, there are loads, you could make an equine farm. Eldest is kindly showing you how you put the beads on the board.

Above we have the beginning and the final product. She loved it. Eldest, as she does, decided that as it was ‘her world of pony’ that they could be any colour she liked. I supported the decision for multicoloured pony. They take about 30 seconds to iron together, but she had spent an age playing with them till she liked it best. Yet again another simple and satisfying product.

Overall we loved these products. They were entertaining and enjoyable for everyone. (unless you were Mojo when I tried to take a photo of Chubby Cater without her). If you are looking for some Christmas inspiration I’d highly recommend checking them out. They are fantastic quality.

You can reach DKL in a few ways via their Website , Twitter and Facebook.

DKL Toys

We received  to review.


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