Curried Roast Cabbage

This is a super simple curried roast cabbage recipe, very tasty, healthy and a perfect side dish to almost every curry dish.

Curried Roast Cabbage


Garlic Fry Light or Garlic Olive Oil
Half a Cabbage
Mild Curry Powder

Serve with quark / crème fraîche / natural yoghurt, and fresh coriander.

Start by chopping the cabbage into pretty bug chunks. Around 1-2 inches thick.
Curried Roast Cabbage

Coat them and the over dish in the oil you’re using. Mine was sprayed liberally with the Garlic Infused Fry Light.
Next, sprinkle on your cumin and mild curry powder.
Curried Roast Cabbage
Curried Roast Cabbage

There are two methods to roast it and it depends on your preference:

Crunchy & lightly charred: cook uncovered for around 40 minutes at gas mark 6.
Softened & lightly browned: cover with foil for first 20 minutes of cooking, remove foil and return to over for the second 20 minutes of cooking again at gas mark 6.

Curried Roast Cabbage


Serve you Curried Roast Cabbage on the side of a huge creamy curry with a sprinkle of coriander and a dollop of quark / creme fraiche / natural yoghurt.

Curried Roast Cabbage

Curried Roast Cabbage



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