Cotton-Headed Ninny Muggins – ELF Pyjamas

YES! Ladies and gentlefolks, it is that time of year when my very limited sense of fashion takes a holiday, and in its place arrives CHRISTMAS and comfort. I don’t care about people who say November is too early, I eschew them with a firm hand. I am festive af. But, my fellow enthusiast, we are now deeply into December, all bets are off, and all fairy lights are on.





My January-November aesthetic is all black everything, all day, no matter the weather. But even me, she who dwells in the dark fabric has some Christmas jammies.

GIVE ME ALL THE CHRISTMAS. Anyway, these are a size M, and I am currently a 16/18 and they fit. They do go up to an L which felt a little limited when I read it, but they have a bit of stretch in if the M will fit my mince pie thighs. These bad boys are from New Look, so if like me you have watched ELF almost every day for the last month, and you just can’t hold in the festive joys any longer, you can nab a pair for a cool £19.99 here > New Look Elf Pjs <.

Note: The red dye on the trousers will rub itself unceremoniously all over you, your sheets, your bum, your partner, your baby’s white footed sleep suit… WASH THEM FIRST.

I never thought in my life I would end up with Will Ferrell’s face on my chest, but here we are!



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