Property for Sale in Portugal: Is it a Good Investment?

Over recent years, the general economic situation in Portugal has been up, down and all over the place. Just as with much of Europe in general, things weren’t particularly stable for a good few years. All of which had an inevitable effect on the Portuguese property market, significantly lowering average property values and diluting interest

How to Make the Most of a Family Break

Going on holiday with family can be a joy, however, sometimes it can be a nightmare. Many of you reading this will have already experienced the worst that family breaks have to offer. Good news for you is that it is possible to have a perfect family holiday that everyone enjoys. If you’re about to

Travel Makes You More Creative – Here is How

Many of us have aspirations to be a big name in whatever we do, the highest paid CEO, a world-renowned fashion blogger, a multi-millionaire with so many income streams it no longer makes sense to count them. But, the truth is while we remain in the same town, with the same people and the same-same


5 Offbeat European Minibreak Ideas

Europe offers so many exciting adventures to the intrepid traveller. With countries, landscapes and peoples so diverse, whatever your taste and preference from a break, Europe can cater for it. From stunning beaches to bustling, vibrant metropolitan centres, ports, mountains, rolling countryside and more - it's waiting to be uncovered. And we all know the