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    Conception reflection.

    We did concept… I mean conceive in one foul swoop. No. We weren’t that lucky. It took a few months, we are that lucky. It’s strange really, Eldest being an accidental baby and Mojo being planned and we conveived the…

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    Tiredness, Toddler and T'irteen weeks.

    Holy cow balls, I’m exhausted. I was half expecting to be so tired, it comes with the pregnancy. All pregnant ladies get a little bit tired. I remember laying down and snoozing while Eldest was at nursery (pre home ed…

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    Ten weeks (ish) and smelly things.

    10 weeks here is a list of things I don’t like the smell of  (smells that make me gag like a good’un): Spicy food Fried food Chicken – KFC or otherwise Blankets that haven’t been washed and dried that morning…