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    Home education is over.

    I’ve had a great time.We’ve had a great time. Doing things we’d never find time to do in school. I’ve learned so much.We’ve learned so much. Not only about Art, English, Science and the academia of it all, but about…

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    Burn's night menu!

    Some of you may know and other will not, I’m down here but from up there. So Burn’s Night is a thing for me. It’s something I really enjoy taking part in, the same way we do Chinese New Year…

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    Innotab 3S review

    We love techy, multi function learning based tablets. When I say we I mean the girls (obviously)! This one comes with a brilliant list of functionality but one that really stands out for me is the ability to send messages to…

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    NYE and the runaway part 2.

    So where did we get to? Ah. Woosh out the door she goes. Mr M is soon down the stairs and at the front door to call her back. We didn’t know if he was going to have to make…

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    NYE and the runaway.

    New years eve wasn’t as relaxing as we had planned. Eldest was being a complete arse. Although in bed was very noisy, banging about and Mojo couldn’t sleep because of this. We call up a few times, and both start…