Crucial Applications to Use to Keep Your Freelance Gig Productive

Freelancing is becoming more and more attractive compared to traditional work. The latest Freelancing in America in Upwork found that the number of people who freelance full-time increased from 17 percent in 2014 to 28 percent in 2019. This means that people are starting to see that freelancing is a viable long-term career choice instead of

Refreshing Your Website

When your website first went live, you probably thought “that’s it, job done!”. Well, unless you want to reap the benefits of having an online presence then you’re going to need to know how to optimise and maintain it. Internet online shopping concept with laptop and shopping-cart.Vintage tone retro filter effect,soft focus(selective focus) There are

5 Cool Things You Can Do From Your Phone

We live in the era of the smartphone. Whether you have an Android, Apple, Windows, Google or or some other type of smartphone in your pocket then you currently hold more processing power than we could have dreamed of 15 years ago. Phones have become miniature computers and as such, with the help of Apps,

How to Protect Yourself in the Office

Working in a dangerous, unhealthy, or uncomfortable office environment can cause many different health issues ranging from physical to mental. This means that people are not working to their full capacity, and it means that more sick days are taken that normally would occur.  If you want to protect yourself in the office from the