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    Hyperemesis Gravidarum, Baby.

    I’m sitting on my bed as I write this, the house is pretty quiet. It’s nice. I’ve been awake for a little while, I’ve had my usual morning sickness session. My body feels pretty programmed for them now – and…

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    5 Tips For Dry Skin Babies

    I’ve always had little patches of irritated skin on my body. When I was younger it was a nightmare, I’d scratch my way through the summer causing cuts and bleeding on the already thin and painful skin. When I had…

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    Baby,  Happiness,  Ivy

    A week of change

    Ivy has made so many changes this week it’s been difficult to keep up. She has two tiny pearly teeth poking through her bottom gum. She’s been rolling for a while but this week we are more accomplished and can…

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    Baby,  Ivy

    Master of poo

    You know those occasions as a parent, the ones that nobody took the time to tell you about. The one where your baby manages to poo four times their body weight. That. Ivy wakes up with a bit if a…