Bravo to Bravado! A nursing bra review

I have been having a hideous time finding a bra that doesn’t give up on me. One that doesn’t unclick itself halfway around town. One that keeps my wild nipples in their place. One that doesn’t let my boobs hang sadly on the front of me like two baking spuds in a carrier bag. I have found that One.

During pregnancy, I could get away with a (very) sturdy sports bra but that would only last so long once Ivy came along and feeding started. Knowing that they will grow and shrink every few hours for the next few months is a pretty daunting thing when buying a bra. Especially if like me you’re rockin’ a nice set of F’s when you’re fully tanked up.

The things I NEED in a bra are support, stretch and the ability to unclip quickly/ get my boob out and over the cup. All of which are traits that this little beauty has. Oh yes ladies. SUPPORT in a nursing bra.

The official product details are:

What you’ll love about the Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra:
  • Seamless Nursing Bra: seamless buttery soft and stretchy fabric that’s comfortable to wear all day and virtually invisible under clothing.
  • Foam Cups: removable moulded foam cups provide you with a lining to hide nipples or breast pads that you can remove or wear anytime you need to.
  • Bravado Best-Seller: One of our best sellers because it moulds to your unique shape. The seamless design and fabric perfectly supports your unique shape and movement. Jennifer Garner loves to wear the Body Silk to Yoga Class (We agree! The Body Silk makes a GREAT Yoga nursing bra).
  • Easy to Size: This is the easiest bra to find your size which makes it perfect as either a maternity bra or a nursing bra. It comfortably fits your changing shape each step of the way.
  • Full Access: Cups unclip at the shoulder and drop down and away from your body to give baby full access to your breast, providing you and your baby with skin-to-skin contact which is essential, especially when establishing a breastfeeding rhythm.
  • Nursing clips that stay closed: proprietary clips lie flat under close-fitting clothing and easily open and close with one hand.
  • A proprietary Bra Conversion Kit (BCK), is now attached to your Bravado Nursing Bra and can be used to convert it to a “regular bra” once your nursing journey is complete. For more information on the BCK, Click here. Click the Video tab for our BCK instructional video.

I usually write a review quite quickly upon receiving and item but I wanted to test how it washed, how it looked going from my sloggy clothes to a bit more dressy and with my own breastpads, without breast pads, discreet nursing while out and about and less discreet nursing. It really is a performer. Sometimes I find that due to being gifted in the breast area I can be left with sore red marks across my underboob area but this bra really relieved that issue.

It washes fabulously, hasn’t lost colour or shape. I should say that I don’t put bras in the tumble dryer so I wasn’t about to take that risk with this one either.

I have really put this to the test for the last month and can’t recommend it enough. To check out Bravado Designs click here. The seamless nursing bra with removable foam cups was the one I have been testing and it retails at about £30 and comes in a variety of colours. 
If I ever gave points for a product, this would be a 10/10.

*received the bra to review


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  1. I relate well to all of this. I also blogged about the frustrations of finding a nursing bra, but on reading this review don’t think I was so lucky – this one sounds fantastic. Great post; made me laugh! 🙂

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