Bentley Green – Beefeater Review

A few weeks ago we took a little jaunt to Bentley Green Beefeater to try out their menu. Beefeater is known for its simple but tasty dishes, the wooden cow decor all over the place and a decent pint. First things first. Our meal was compensated up to the value of £60, we blew past that with joyous abandon because it was a Friday and for most of us – the start of the weekend.

The kids were ready to tuck in and the kid’s meal has a selection of starters, when Poppy saw a starter on the kid’s menu she wanted to order the chicken wing starter herself! So her and Husband bumped up the chicken wings from 5 to 8 and shared the plate. I opted for the Mature Cheddar and Sticky Onion Tart.


The crispy chicken wings were winners and were finished off pretty quickly – the smokey BBQ sauce is super sweet too. Lily chomped down the garlic bread, enjoyed the crunchy crust and the cucumber sticks on the side. Ivy didn’t love the meatballs sadly, they were a little light on seasoning and the bottom of the bowl had some liquid in. As for the tart, it was a really good combo of flavours – cheese and onion is pretty timeless, and the crunchy filo pastry wrapping gave it even more texture. Yum.

On to the mains!


This was always going to be easy for Mr Mojo, it had to be a steak – the 18oz Porterhouse, with chips, and Peppercorn sauce – naturally. Ivy chose Poppin’ Chicken, which is chicken nuggets that comes with chips and beans. Lily decided on Bangers and Mash, and I picked the Vegetable Linguine. Poppy had her first steak! 6oz Flat Iron, chips, no sauce.

I have to be upfront and say I have never had vegetable linguine like it. Mostly because I am used to having things like courgette, aubergine and so on as the vegetables – I was a bit surprised to see the veg mix. It wasn’t really to my taste and the tomato sauce left a little to be desired, it was pretty thin and didn’t seem to be seasoned at all. However, Poppy wolfed down her steak, Mr Mojo absolutely loved his and the two little ones? Almost cleared their plates and were ready for pudding. So the recommendation there is – avoid the pasta. The chips were great, we ordered a side of onion rings too and they were sweet and crunch and pretty much perfect.

Room for pudding?


So, Ivy and Poppy split one Cookie Dough Sundae, Husband and Lily split another. Then there was me all over in the corner with a cappuccino and a slice of Mississippi Mudpie.

And not a single sound was heard… other than cutlery clinking the edges of the glasses and bowls. The puddings were all delicious and very indulgent. My cappuccino finished my meal perfectly, ready for the short drive home.

All in all? We would go there again, the food was hot and tasty, the service by our waitress Katie was brilliant – she was friendly, helped everyone decide what was best in terms of the meals they were having, and she was generally rather fabulous. So for three courses, costa coffee, bottomless soft drinks, a couple of sides, plus the most expensive steak on the menu…

Total: £101.95

Most expensive item? 18oz Porterhouse Steak £21.99

Address: Bentley Road, Walsall, Staffordshire , WS2 0WB



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