BelleBelly – Part 1 – the review with the bump

I am going to do the review in two parts, this part is the part with the bump and the second part will be posted in a few weeks when we’ve tested it out for breastfeeding.

So to the BUMP REVIEW!

I have tried a few bump supports, t-shirt extenders and all that jazz. I really have. With Mojo I was huge, with this one I am much neater. The point here is, that nothing really did the trick. They sat on the bottom half of my bump either sliding down into a very ugly cloth wrap belt, or twisted round the whole day. I don’t like buying maternity clothes to wear for 1/2 months and then look at longingly.

 I have stretchmarks too. So between the tops (that sort of still fit) and the jeans there can often be a flash of belly. Some love it, I don’t. I like to keep it all safe ans snug under layers.

 So I have been testing this out in jeans, t-shirts, leggings, long sleeve shirts, shirts, skirts and everything else. I have found it gave a nice relaxed feel to what I am wearing.

  • It doesn’t itch. This is a really big deal for me. The stitching doesn’t irritate me at all, which is usually a problem when your skin is so tight in the later stages. 
  • It is longer than some similar products – which makes me feel so much more secure when bending and stretching. 
  • BelleBelly didn’t look like a bump band. You know those ones that look like you’ve spray painted yourself? It isn’t one of those. It sits quite naturally like a vest top or a long t-shirt underneath what you’re wearing.
  • I have found it true to size, or at least it isn’t tight on me. I ordered a large (16-20) as I knew I needed room for bump/post birth belly and eventually would be on the smaller end of that scale. 
  • As a practice run, I slipped it on with a nursing bra and a t-shirt over the top. I then whipped my boob out in the kitchen with Mr M was on a call for work. He didn’t notice the boob. So it was very discreet. 
  • When feeding Eldest I was aware of my very pale, wobbly stomach jollying about in public when I was trying to feed her. I don’t see this being an issue (will be tested in part two).

Would I recommend it over other bump covers?  

 Yes. I would because it isn’t just about the bump cover for me, this one is about giving you a little bit more confidence as a not svelte lady when breastfeeding in public. While many of us can do this, pull out boobs, belly and not care, some, like me care a great deal about keeping the joy of breastfeeding while also maintaining a little bit of privacy.

Part two of the review will be with baby out and about and will include one of two snaps (nipples might be included) of how it works and what you can/can’t see when wearing it. I’d recommend checking out the website and getting in touch on twitter and having a natter!

*I received a BelleBelly to review. 


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