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Pregnancy dreams

It’s a strange old thing when I start to get a bigger bump my dreams also seem to grow with it.I’ve had a few really morbid crazy ones, where they dropped the new addition on the floor and I had to try and piece her back together. I couldn’t do anything and her tiny little body turned even more purple in my hands.

 I have had the ones where she has been born but her arms and legs (which she does have) haven’t been there, in fact nor was her head and she looked similar to an unstuffed turkey. Now I think about, I think I dreamt I gave birth to a turkey. Tasty.

But last night I had a dream that I think actually speaks more to how I am feeling at the moment – again is a pregnancy thing for me. I dreamt that Mr M was ignoring me. Well, that is actually how I feel at the moment.

I think strange dreams during pregnancy is a pretty regular thing.

If you’re pregnant do you have these kinds of dreams? Or did you used to have them when you were?

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