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One of the things I love best in the early stages of pregnancy is to mooch through the online stores for nursery furniture ranges. I then plan out a nursery (even if I still have a perfectly functioning one). I like to sit and make my lists. Gift lists, clothing list, bedroom/nursery list, maternity wear and everything in between. I cruise the internet for ages till I have one place that has the bulk of what I need, orderable and deliverable – bish bash bosh.

So here is my list from

Gift List

Mamas & Papas – Once Upon a Time Silver Music Box. 
 I love this product, I have given it as a gift to all four of my nieces and nephews. I find that the parents love it just as much. The soft pouch it comes in is really lovely and it comes in a gorgeous little box to. Me and Mr M originally picked it up for our eldest niece, since then it has been requested for each of the others. We’re only too happy to oblige as we trust the quality – and secretly I like buying it.

Mamas & Papas – Zeddy + Parsnip Imprint Kit
I have used a few different imprint kits – clay mouldings, soft putty, foot moulds, and I actually find this one easiest to use. I would recommend using it in a slightly warmer room as the clay can get a little tough to press a print into.

Baby Art Pop Art Print Paintings

 I thought this was a brilliant idea. You can mix it up a bit and use hands a feet or as it shows in the picture have a bunch of different hand sizes for different sizes of offspring! I think the bright coloured canvas is super cool. This is the kid of thing we give to the Grandparents on birthdays and Christmas, it’s personal and that is just the kind of thing they love.

 Baby Art First Year Print Frame.

The reason I think this is brilliant is it has the space to house a photo per month of your little tyke and a footprint.
 This is the kind of thing I’d give Mr M, or hopefully he’d have the smarts to give to me. I love the fact you can take a minute and see how much they’ve changed in a year. A nice alternative to this is for older children going back through 12 years (the ‘month 1/month 2 aren’t actually on the frame).

Chicco Magic Stars Cot Mobile

I’m not always one for bells and whistles on a cot, I try really hard to make a distinction between day time play time and night time go the flip to sleep. However, I also know that when you’re a very little thing in a very big bed for the first time it’s nice to have something comforting. This is the kids of thing I adore and has work on my other two little ladies. I don’t tend to stick with blue for boys and pink for girls – I like to stick with colours for all! So, this I take on face value, it’s a spacey, happy, musical place of sleepy joy. This is one I will be investing in for when the new one comes along too.

Mamas & Papas Once Upon A Time Birth Certificate Holder.

 I have lots of papers, and ‘important letters’ in numerous files all around the house. Having one silver tube to hold on to the birth certificates (probably 2 birth certs per tube tops) in a nice box is a much better idea rather than stuffing something that should be joyous and memorable (you know, the jaunt to the offices with a newborn a swollen vagina?). The same as the music box, it comes in a really soft pouch, so soft you might rub it on your face and coo in your post baby happy place.

Nursery Furniture

Mama & Papas Rialto Nursery Furniture Bundle – Oak
When it comes to really kitting out your nursery there are certain pieces I can’t do without – Changing table/dresser, wardrobe, cot. I have always opted for a changing table because I have back issues and I find changing baby at a comfortable height rather than on the floor cuts out a lot of that strain. Wardrobe – with so many gifted blankets and clothing I need somewhere to stash them all. Ideal place. I like the matchiness of a range and the simplicity of ordering one thing – I’m lazy like that!
Alternative is a cot bed and the rest of the furniture separate, all of this range is available as separates. 

Tiny Tatty Teddy Cot Bed.
Some people like the utilitarian attitude that belongs to a cot bed, it cuts out costs of upgrading to a bed further down the line. Yippi for the money savers!

Things you don’t need but look nice

Mamas & Papas Gingerbread Knitted Blanket
I am a sucker for blankets, I love them. One of my top posts is a picture of a blanket I adore, on a chair that I also love – this blanket would be a close second. We usually carry our offspring so having a blanket around for breastfeeding comfort snuggles, or when we go visiting relatives is really handy. 
Or because I just really, really, really like it…..

 Mamas & Papas Mylo Blanket

Again because I have a thing for pretty blankets.

 All of the items here are available to purchase via

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