I’m Zara, a 32-year-old content writer. I love design, cheese, coffee, holidays and swearing. I have three girl children born in 2007, 2011 & 2014. And one more addition on the way (EST August 2018).

I collect cameras, bones, and crystals. I like candles, books, sleep, long baths, and writing. I make my cash money copywriting – zarawalker.co.uk

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Why Read my Blog?

Well, you don’t have to – there are plenty of others. What makes Mojo Blogs different? Well, I don’t think it is, I talk about whatever I like from photography to breastfeeding. So it’s just me, in type, on the internet. I’m just a woman on the internet, talking shit, hoping someone out there is listening.

Most popular posts:

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What About Brands and Stuff?

I welcome working with brands, I have in the past given bad reviews and refused things that just have been shit. I accept review products I actually think will benefit me and as an extension the people who read the blog. I accept sponsored posts and guest posts, which means I will get money to include a link to another website in a post.

There are affiliate links too (most of which don’t even cover my Netflix subscription for a month).

Please contact mojoblogs@icloud.com for more information.

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Please note: all reviews, sponsored posts, and ‘gifted’ items will be declared and disclosed.



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