Let’s Cut to the Chase:

I’m Zara, a 31-year-old content writer. I love design, cheese, coffee, holidays and swearing. I have three girl children born in 2007, 2011 & 2014. And one more addition on the way (EST August 2018).

I collect cameras, bones, and crystals. I like candles, books, sleep, long baths, and writing. I also write at The Freelance Queen and often am hired out to companies looking for some snazzy written or social media content.

Where can you find my photography?

Why Read my Blog?

Well, you don’t have to – there are plenty of others. What makes Mojo Blogs different? Well, I don’t do niches, I talk about whatever I like from photography to breastfeeding. So it’s just me, in type, on the internet. I’m just a woman on the internet, talking shit, hoping someone out there is listening.

Most popular posts:

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Munchkin 360 Sippy Cup

What About Brands and Stuff?

I welcome working with brands, I have in the past given bad reviews and refused things that just have been shit. I accept review products I actually think will benefit me and as an extension the people who read the blog. I accept sponsored posts and guest posts, which means I will get money to include a link to another website in a post.

There are affiliate links too (most of which don’t even cover my Netflix subscription for a month).

Please contact mojoblogs@icloud.com for more information.

Want to work together? Check this page > Work With Us

Please note: all reviews, sponsored posts and ‘gifted’ items will be declared and disclosed.



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