5 Cool Things You Can Do From Your Phone

We live in the era of the smartphone. Whether you have an Android, Apple, Windows, Google or or some other type of smartphone in your pocket then you currently hold more processing power than we could have dreamed of 15 years ago. Phones have become miniature computers and as such, with the help of Apps, can now enable you to do some seriously cool stuff anywhere and from the palm of your hand. 

Photo by Viktor Talashuk on Unsplash

Here are five cool things you can do with your smartphone which of them have you tried?

  1. Monitor your menstrual cycle and ovulation
    Technology has enabled us to get closer to and learn more about our bodies than ever before and with Apps such as Natural Cycles you can now monitor and track your menstrual cycle and ovulation via a basal thermometer and corresponding App. The Apps algorithm works by analysing your daily temperature which fluctuates natural as you progress through your menstrual cycle. Some people use this App as a form of contraceptive, others as a way to maximise their chance of falling pregnant and for some it’s just a cool way to see how your body changes through the month and track mood changes along the way.

  2. Learn a language
    10 years ago you’d have to put a CD into the stereo to learn a language on the go, but now you can do it whilst on a run, taking the kids to school or sitting on the toilet. Apps such as Babble make language learning easy and fun and you’ll be surprised at how much you pick up with just 10-20 minutes a day whilst pottering around the house.

  3. Control your car
    That’s right, some modern car companies such as Mercedes are now developing Apps that allow you to keep checks on your car. With the Mercedes Me Connect App you can check your fuel levels, track and save journeys and even diagnose breakdown problems from the palm of your hand – handy for the back seat driver.

  4. Use it as a spirit level or ruler
    Did you know that you can use your Iphone as a spirit level or ruler? You’ll find the spirit level feature within your compass App, then simply lay your phone on the surface you want to analyse and hey presto – it’s surprisingly accurate too. There are also a number of great Apps out there that allow you to use your phone as a measuring device but Apple already has this built in – these Apps use your phone’s camera to measure distance and once again, it’s crazily accurate!

  5. Control the temperature of your home
    Have you ever found yourself in a thermostat war with your kids or flatmate? Well win every time by getting a smart meter and then downloading the corresponding App. You can even turn the heating on while you’re out of the house to make it toasty for your return, or sneakily turn it off if you’ve noticed that someone has cranked it up in the middle of the day. You can also keep tabs on your energy usage too – savvy. 


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