5 Awesome Facts About the Emma Mattress

If there is one thing I like almost as much like sleeping, it is fantastic facts. Did you know that you can buy eel-flavoured ice cream in Japan? Did you know that the word astronaut comes from the Greek language and translates as star sailor’? Did you know that Jellyfish have no heart, no bones, and no brain? I really associate with jellyfish sometimes, the brain part, not the others.

Have you ever just felt as if your brain has shut down for the day? It mainly happens to me when I have had a lack of sleep. That was why I was intrigued when I heard about the Emma mattress, the newest mattress in a box’ from the UK.

I wondered if I could dig up some cool facts about it, and you know what? I did.

Photo by Farsai C. on Unsplash


As with all mattresses in a box, the mattress is delivered to you in a box (duh). The cool thing here, and I presume with most mattresses once they are out their box, is that it literally springs to life. Once you have the box off and have taken off the plastic seal, the mattress will go from rolled up to mattress-shaped in a couple of hours.


Most, if not all foam mattresses are just that: foam. The Emma mattress differs slightly. It is mainly made of foam, but it also contains a layer of individual pocket springs. 1500 to be exact.

I found out that pocket springs are great for many reasons. One of the main reasons to include them is for people with bad backs or joint pain. The springs give better support to provide you with a better sleep if you suffer from pain through the night. They are also quiet and support a lot of weight, meaning that you will not be disturbed if your partner moves during the night.


Well, it keeps you cool anyway. The top layer is made from fabric which regulates the humidity of the mattress as you sleep in ways I will never understand. If you have problems with being too hot or cold at night, then you know how hard it can be to get to sleep. The Emma mattress helps you to hit the Goldilocks-zone when it comes to temperature.


I am sure that if it could speak, it would have some words of wisdom and encouragement for you, but this mattress is more supportive in a physical way, though getting a good nights sleep is pretty much all the support I need.

The combination of the tiny springs and the cold-foam layer, mean that the mattress conforms to your body and support any body type and almost any body weight.


Thankfully it will keep your details to itself. After sleeping in this bed, it will get back to its original shape very quickly.

So, there you have it

As promised, 5 awesome and amazing facts about the Emma mattress.

Hey, did you know that yawning cools your brain and that Picasso was a suspect in the Mona Lisa theft, and Hawaiian pizza is from Canada? I could go on and on, but it is time for bed.

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