14 Weeks Pregnant

Apparently the baby is now around 85mm, just over 3.3 inches. The size of a lemon. I am starting to feel that fullness in my abdomen now. The gentle protruding bump is becoming more apparent. It’s still not enough for people to see, and that is comforting. I walk around keeping my tiny lemon sized baby to myself. It is slightly romantic.

This Week

It’s been snowing the last few days, because of this I left the car parked exactly where she was. I felt it was time to start walking the school run again. I have been so thankful to be driving while at my worst though. My legs were pretty shaky, the school run comes so close to my morning sickness sessions, so I have to steel myself a little. Today, officially week 14, I put my headphones in, and headed out into the snow, watched it being blown around the ground. For the first time in a long time, I wished I had my camera with me. This was a little nudge to remind me, I am getting better. It’s just happening slowly.

Since keeping more liquids in, I find myself really enjoying my water. Tap water still smells odd to me, I can’t drink it at all. So although I don’t usually, I’ve been relying on bottled waters. Aqua Carpatica is my water of choice, it is really refreshing, the bottles are recyclable (hurrah) and it doesn’t leave a funny taste in my mouth. The last one being so important when you suffer from Hyperemesis Gravidarum, a lingering taste can set of an episode. Hurrah for crisp clean hydration.

Me right now, guzzling water while writing – big love to Aqua Carpatica for sending me some big water bottles to try out.

HUJI has been my app of choice the last week or so. I love the retro Kodak throwaway camera feel that it puts on the photos at random. I’ve also got a whole roll of film currently developing on Gudak. Gudak is a 24 shot, 3 day process app. With no preview you kinda just have to have fun with it. I wasted a lot of the roll just to get to the end of the process and see the style of photos it’s produced. Excited to see how they come out.

In general I have been sick a little less, walked a little more, managed plenty of water and feel pretty ok. 



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