Keep Writing, Keep Sharing. 

There are so many people trying to make a name for themselves as writers, big time bloggers, or aiming for a book deal. It can so often feel like you’re shouting into the wind. Tweeting your links to no one.

But don’t stop.

When you check your readership and find only one person reading, and you get disheartened. Don’t stop.

That one person has come to your page to see what you’re saying. They’ve googled and found your piece. Your words may have landed in someone’s lap when they most needed it. It could be your post about cleaning cupboards, it could be about a new lipstick colour, it could be that you’re sharing emotive posts about infertility and/or miscarriage.

The words you’ve written will be there for someone. They can be found at any time. True, that ‘bigger’ bloggers have more people sharing, but often they’re not always saying anything important. It’s just content to fill space and adhere to contractual agreements.

Five years from now, when someone at 3am feels horrific and needs something, they might type the right keywords into google and find you.

The great thing about writing and blogging, is that once your words are out, someone, somewhere will find them. It’s not all about the here and now numbers. Whilst numbers are nice, and trying to get that big viral post is something many of us hope for, more important than that (for me at least), is the idea that someone who needs it, can tap in that keyword and find me at 3am.

Don’t stop. Keep writing, keep sharing. Regardless of the numbers, regardless of the sponsored posts, write because someone somewhere needs it. Someone, somewhere needs you. 

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