Why Your Next Holiday Should Be Pra’ Delle Torri

When booking a holiday there are a few things that I tend to look for, as a family of 5 we spend a lot of time making sure the holiday we book with have something for all of us. Here are five reasons that PRA’ DELLE TORRI HOLIDAY CENTRE should be at the top of your list.

1. Green Space! Pra’ Delle Torri is absolutely surrounded by big, open, beautiful green space. The girls love to run, and explore and often we have ended up miles and miles away from our apartment in order to do that. Pra’ Delle Torri is surrounded by a whopping 120 hectares of greenery – perfect.

2. Onsite Entertainment. As much as we like to get off the reservation, there is nothing as cozy as walking a short distance to a great family show, or an activity and then strolling home all together tired and happy in the evening. There is something for every age and that works perfectly for us! Fireworks, dancing, exercises on the beach with the sand between your toes? Blissful.

3. Mini Club. Games, parades, competitions and a super fun mini disco. As much as a holiday is about relaxing, it is also about building memories. Pra‘ Delle Torri have highly trained and skilled entertainment staff and can cater for children of all ages. Happy Parents and Happy Kids.

4. Shopping. What can I say? I am a holiday shopper, I always will be I think. I love to take home a few new items of clothing, a bag, hats… something that I can wear time and again, and when I do it reminds me of that holiday feeling. When you pick up a style of bag, something handmade that isn’t available in your home country it’s just that little bit special. Pra ‘delle Torri has a shopping mall with everything from a sweet stall to pottery workshops!

5. The Beach. Is there anything as peaceful as digging your toes into warm golden sands, and watching the waves lap the shoreline? The kids can play, build sandcastles, while you get to breathe​ in the sea air. Truly wonderful.

Offers: Every 5 nights, 1 night FREE! For all guests staying in Hotel, Aparthotel, Village and Camping. From 12.04 to 31.05.2017 and from 08.09 to 24.09.2017. All special offers are non-cumulative.

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