It’s the Small Things – Like Toothpaste on the Sink

As parents often we focus on those big beautiful milestones – teething, walking, crawling, passing exams, and all that other good stuff.

Sometimes though, it’s the small stuff that really is the best stuff.

Little signs that  you have a child in your care.

It’s things like, the small shoes littered through the hallway, the tiny trousers hanging on your line, the small hairbands absolutely everywhere. For me, it’s the little bits of toothpaste on the side of the sink where Ivy has brushed her own teeth. It’s tripping over Lily’s school shoes for the hundredth time. It’s watching Poppy walk around the house singing her new favourite songs.

It’s the giggling at night when it’s long past bedtime. The endless questions about things I don’t ever think about.

It’s picking up the ‘lost’ socks or finding the toy that even though they never play with its now the most coveted toy in the house.

It’s covering them with a blanket after they’ve finished covering your house and you in vomit.

It’s the ‘can I sit on you Mama?’ or the ‘How was work?’.

These things are nothing special, sometimes they are what annoys me, until I remember that one day there won’t be little shoes littering my hall way, I won’t always need to find their favourite toys, and one day there will be no more ‘can I sit on you Mama?’.

So while I do enjoy the big accomplishments of the girls, and while I love to watch them grow, I am acutely aware that one day I won’t be cleaning their tiny toothpaste mess off the sink.

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