Post baby relationship blues?

  I remember before I had eldest I consumed literature on how having a baby would affect my body, my life, my mind, my future & my general outlook on life. No where in there did I pick up any information on how it would affect my partner at the time nor our relationship. I wasn’t living in a bubble i didn’t assume everything would be perfect and I didn’t think that he wouldn’t be changed in someway. Although I can say for sure I wasn’t prepared for what happened at all. As it went, within 1 week he stayed out till around 12pm, left for work 1 hour earlier … [Read more…]


What is it about becoming a mother that makes us mother superior? Those working moms pffff, someone else taking care of their children? Why have children at all if you are going to spend so much time away from them? Oh its okay working moms manage to spend on average 81 minutes per day with the offsping – good going hotshot. Yuck, stay at home moms, cooking, cleaning, doing nothing but looking after their children? How boring, sitting at home being supported by the other half, not using the brains they were given? What kind of role model are they? It’s a mine field. I was a FTWM, now I’m … [Read more…]

£1 Soup

You know those stew packs you can buy in a lot of supermarkets, they are usually £1 each, and during the day sometimes its a bit hectic to watch a proper meal cooking, boiling, brazing, grilling and so on…   Well, if I forget to buy meat in, or it’s late in the month with little money to spare I put a soup together, I rarely have to check on it, I can prep it easily between feeds/school runs…   1 Stew pack containing – 1 Swede/Turnip 1 Parsnip 1 Onion 1 carrot   From Kitchen –  Bouquet Garni Vegetable stock cube Garlic (to taste) Salt & Pepper Olive Oil … [Read more…]

Luck of the Dragon?

As many of you already know it’s Chinese New Year on the 23rd January 2012, Year of the Dragon… Well, as Beau is Vietnamese we celebrate Chinese New Year, we make egg rolls, fresh and the fried variety, plenty of rice on the table, often pork as Beau loves a bit of pork, noodles and so on, it really is a feast. A glorious feast.   Now, it sounds wonderful, it tastes divine too, but the prep required doesn’t just extend to the table…   No it started a few days ago, I’m cleaning away all the bad luck of the last year – Vigorously. The last year for us … [Read more…]

Ten Things I Wished I’d knew About Birth… Before, Giving Birth.

1.       Organs– The extra organ you’ve grown (not the baby) will also be coming out. It isn’t pretty. Now you know deep down this has to happen but, when you have just pushed out your baby, if it is a vaginal birth, you’re just about to get ready to bask in the glory of your miracle and out flops the placenta, like an unwelcome house guest, or in some cases you need to give it an extra push, as if you haven’t done enough already. Luckily it is swiftly taken away to who knows where, and frankly who cares? 2.       Nothing can hurt more than what I’ve just done…. ARGH! … [Read more…]

Relaxing bath…. or not…

So it’s 6.30pm, Beau is at work, I figure time for me and Mojo to have a nice warm bath (she likes to nurse in the bath), and eldest came in to chat. Well, eldest decided she couldn’t miss out on the nice water action so in she jumped! I heard a little tummy rumble and my heart sank a bit, but haha! I had a flannel to hand and managed to catch the poop… The first poop I will add… after flinging the poop flannel into the other sink, we settle back down. TOO SOON !! Eldest has hopped out of the bath yelling ‘OH MY OH MY IT … [Read more…]