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    10 things I need my 16 year old self to know.

    I will keep it brief. We both know you know everything already. Here is my advice to you, these are the things that stick with you forever. They all leave a mark of some kind. Some deeper than others. When…

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    Me and Mum-me

    I think as a mother we all say ‘we do everything’ or maybe ‘we’re a doctor, therapist, blanket, storyteller’… You know the drill. We are really able to look at all the different roles we play for our children. But…

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    Eton Mess,  Food,  Recipe

    Easy Eton Mess

    I see lots of people asking about baking with their little ones. One of the best things is often not to bake but just to create, and, in this case you make a mess! Perfect for tiny hands. What do…

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    Baby,  Ivy

    Master of poo

    You know those occasions as a parent, the ones that nobody took the time to tell you about. The one where your baby manages to poo four times their body weight. That. Ivy wakes up with a bit if a…