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    What is Spread Betting Anyway?

    Basically, it’s a financial product that enables you to bet on whether a market rises or falls. So technically you can make money on a market which has decreased in value. As it’s a bet and not a trade you won’t lose money when the market falls. Why is it so cool then? It’s tax-free! So absolutely not stamp duty or capital gains. Endless choices. Speed Betting gives you thousands of markets for you to trade on. For example, you can bet on shares like Google, Apple, Gold, Oil, FTSE, options. You don’t need a large sum to get started. £1000 could total £10,000 of shares. Who would it work…

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    Vaping and E-cigarettes – What Do the Scientists Say?

    I used to be a smoker, I can’t, in fact, I don’t want to think about how much I spent on smoking really. Something else I don’t really want to think about is the damage it did to my health (and those around me) at that time. I’ve always been told that vaping has no health risks and costs almost nothing in comparison to a box of cigarettes. Vaping has been around for a few years now and is increasing in popularity, in fact almost everyone I know who did smoke has swapped over. So what is so great about it anyway? Apart from the countless different flavours, smoking gadgets…

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    #MySundayPhoto Euston

    The day Euston stood still I was travelling to London to see friends, see Paul Hollywood, and have a great day. As it stands, my train was delayed, cancelled, terminated half way between locations, swapped and stuck. I still saw friends for coffee, I still watched Paul Hollywood bake and I still, eventually, got home. On our way to lunch, I looked up and took this quick snap. It’s not framed perfectly, its colours are sharp and dark but it very much sums up my day. Imperfect but gorgeous anyway. &  

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    Vegetarian Kiymali yumurta (Turkish baked eggs)

    I’ve seen lots of recipes for  Baked Eggs, and they look delish but I often don’t want meat in my main meal, or at all. Traditionally Kiymali yumurta (Turkish baked eggs) is made with lamb mince. Instead, I’ve used a meat free mince alternative for this Vegetarian Kiymali yumurta (Turkish baked eggs). Ingredients: 450-500g Meat-free mince Onion, chopped Garlic, minced or chopped Ground Cumin Ground Coriander Salt Pepper Grated Cheese Handful Spinach Red Pepper, diced 400g Tinned Tomatoes Crushed Chillies Mixed Beans (I use the Mexican style ones) Paprika (I used smoked for the depth of flavour) 4-6 Eggs, typically I aim for an egg per person Spring Onion, sliced In a…

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    Cheddar and Apple-Topped Pork Chops

    Cheddar and Apple-Topped Pork Chops are a great winter warmer. We aren’t having warm days at the moment and the nights have been chilly. This is a great comfort food, it’s also easy and quick to make. Pork, cheese and apple are a timeless trio, I am really partial to a pork sandwich with applesauce and cheddar, but the weather is telling me to make it all hot. So I decided to do just that. For these Cheddar and Apple-Topped Pork Chops you will need: 4 Pork Chop (or enough to suit your needs) 200g Mature Cheddar, cubed or crumbled 1-2 Apples, cored and sliced Sage 1 tsp brown sugar Parsley…