Chorizo Soup!

It’s not exact and nor is what can happen in the time this takes to cook, the times are flexible to a point. 50g Chirizo (peeled) 2 Red peppers 1 Red Onion Oil Sugar, Salt & Pepper  500g chicken stock Tomato pureé  1 clove of garlic (crushed)  Simple steps to a slightly spicy and lovely soup. Pop peppers in the oven on about 180-200 degrees, for around 20-30 minutes, remove and cool. Once cooled peel the skin off (which can be difficult and sometimes I peel most off and leave some, life’s too short), and chop. Warm oil, chop Chirizo, chop onions, crush garlic.Throw onion and garlic in the oil … [Read more…]

Being late

Can anyone out there explain this mystery?On a normal morning- up before 7 get dressed myself, feed mojo while eldest is getting dressed for school, then do eldest’s breakfast and make her packed lunch, get mojo dressed while eldest does last face wash- after getting her face mucky during breakfast. Then shoes, coat amazing baby carrier (more in the carrier later) and away we go. Get up an hour later due to mojo snoozing through feeding time, and we are still ready at the same time! With less fuss than normal. But if I planned to get up an hour later on purpose I know we’d be an hour late … [Read more…]

Post baby relationship blues?

  I remember before I had eldest I consumed literature on how having a baby would affect my body, my life, my mind, my future & my general outlook on life. No where in there did I pick up any information on how it would affect my partner at the time nor our relationship. I wasn’t living in a bubble i didn’t assume everything would be perfect and I didn’t think that he wouldn’t be changed in someway. Although I can say for sure I wasn’t prepared for what happened at all. As it went, within 1 week he stayed out till around 12pm, left for work 1 hour earlier … [Read more…]


What is it about becoming a mother that makes us mother superior? Those working moms pffff, someone else taking care of their children? Why have children at all if you are going to spend so much time away from them? Oh its okay working moms manage to spend on average 81 minutes per day with the offsping – good going hotshot. Yuck, stay at home moms, cooking, cleaning, doing nothing but looking after their children? How boring, sitting at home being supported by the other half, not using the brains they were given? What kind of role model are they? It’s a mine field. I was a FTWM, now I’m … [Read more…]

£1 Soup

You know those stew packs you can buy in a lot of supermarkets, they are usually £1 each, and during the day sometimes its a bit hectic to watch a proper meal cooking, boiling, brazing, grilling and so on…   Well, if I forget to buy meat in, or it’s late in the month with little money to spare I put a soup together, I rarely have to check on it, I can prep it easily between feeds/school runs…   1 Stew pack containing – 1 Swede/Turnip 1 Parsnip 1 Onion 1 carrot   From Kitchen –  Bouquet Garni Vegetable stock cube Garlic (to taste) Salt & Pepper Olive Oil … [Read more…]