Eldest & Mojo Picture.

These are some of my favorite pictures of them … Eldest Mojo Eldest aged 4.5 Me and Mojo Eldest being an ‘splozor’ Me and Mojo Eldest testing out her photography skills I love this photo a lot. Eldest. Testing out Momma glasses Eldest 3rd Birthday Eldest raising money for Barnardos age 2.5 (She raised £150) Eldest loved her ‘ink fuff’ (pink fluffy) coat Mojo, because everything is funny when you’re 5 months old.

Introducing Mojo

So here is a little video of Mojo, she does this a lot, I can only assume she is part Vampire… I did after all watch a lot of Twilight while pregnant. I’m not ashamed, I thoroughly enjoyed it.


On twitter today I see Mummy From The Heart asking for posts, being the nosey beasty I am, I have a look at the post that this is in reference to. It is not at all what I expected and thus read not only a personal post, which details the struggles they went through, but another cause too. The other cause is quite heartbreaking. Obviously as a mother I’m drawn to the Maternal and Child Health when I first get to the ONE.org site. There is however so much more to this campaign than meets the eye. The website is packed with so many devastating facts and figures… “Every year, … [Read more…]

Easy Beefy Casserole

Its easy, it’s tasty and it looks quite stunning once cooked. So you’ll need : Beef (could be casserole beef, slow cook beef or any alternative that you like) Beef stock (I am lazy and thus use the Knorr Beef Stockpot) Herbs (I plonk in a Knorr Herb Stockpot) 2 Onions Chopped, sliced or diced – chefs choice. 3 Carrots Sliced into circles looks lovely 4 Mushrooms (if you don’t like them then leave them out, if you are keeping the in slice them up) 4 Potatoes (quartered) Glug of red wine, not enough to get your kids drunk but enough to enhance the flavour. Now the cooking bit:   … [Read more…]

Ovary day?

 So Wednesday afternoon around 14.10pm I collapse on the floor in the childrens room with Mojo in my arms, with eldest watching wide eyed. I came round to hear Eldest crying, and myself wailing in pain. Mojo nestled comfortably in my arms, not a bump or scratch in sight – content. Eldest had ran downstairs to get my phone to call someone. She called Beau, I told him to stay in work – bad move. I called Eldests Bio daddy because he was closest and he had to lock up work and was on his way. Meanwhile I called my mother just to keep focused on something, explain that it … [Read more…]

Week 1 Home Schooling

So I knew it wasn’t going to be all rainbows and sunshine… I was wrong, it’s pretty amazing actually. We still get up early, like we are almost programmed to do, and now our day goes something like this… • breakfast• 45 minutes free style writing of numbers and letters any colour you like• Math, Word books for about 2 hours• break time 🙂• afternoons consist of P.E, Art, Cooking or history for 90 minutes.• Finish the day with a free slot, Eldest chooses what she’d like to do. All in all it’s fun, light, but she has already made an improvement with her sequencing and the speed in which … [Read more…]

Home Education.

 I don’t think I have mentioned much about eldests school, or the trouble we have had with it, but we have finally all made the decision it is not the right place for her to be. I don’t feel like she is learning enough, I don’t feel that the teachers or support staff are doing the best they can for the babies they have in the class, and most of all I feel like I can take control of her education and provide a better standard. If you are a teacher and you are reading this, then I’ll clear up I’m not attacking the teaching profession, I’m saying that I … [Read more…]