Something Old.

 This is my Granda meeting Mojo for the very first time. He’ll be the ‘Something Old’ today. Great Granda meeting 6 month od Mojo.


My Beau is Vietnamese, his family religion is Buddhist, as such we have a few of these happy fellows that he inherited one way or another place around the house. This is my favourite. This little gold man is a new addition, his mate next to him is an old hand at this happy business.

Evil Sheep & Pigcat.

So as some of you know if you have ever graced my pages before, we are home schoolers. As part of this I let Eldest unleash her creative tendencies on me often and freely.  I thought I’d share this afternoon’s modelling clay session outcome. Evil people eating Sheep Evil people eating Sheep, egged on by Purple Pigcat & Lionmomma Close up of the Evil Sheep Lionmomma telling Evil Sheep to run away from the scene of the crime. Now, I’m not sure where Evil sheep came from, but at the end of the session he went back into a little flat sausage shape and there he will stay until Eldest … [Read more…]

Adopting Cats.

I want to introduce to you Sid & Nancy… Sid is the black and white kitty in the photos, this leaves none other than Nancy with the ginger splashes in her fur. We’d been looking for a Kitten for a white, I had a clear idea of what kind of kitten. Eldest’s idea was ‘cute and a cat’. So pretty much the same. I mentioned to one of my pals that we had been looking for a few months and hadn’t found anything that felt right. I’m a believer in how you feel about something, no kitten thus far had pulled on my heart stings, not one seemed to fit … [Read more…]