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    #MySundayPhoto Old Lady

       This beauty is an old lady now. After a long day at The Photography Show I was happy to visit my parents, drink coffee, relax and see this pretty face. She’s always been an old soul, happy to snuggle and watch movies, happy to sit in silence, happy to be with you.  “Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished.” — Dean Koontz 

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    Nat Geo Traveller and Crewe Photobook Exhibition #UKPhotoShow

    There are a lot of hidden gems coming up this weekend for the Photography Show, this is one I am massively looking forward to attending and thought I would share it with you. Nat Geo photographers are renowned for their breathtaking shots and a whole exhibition dedicated to showcasing the winning images, this promises to be an absolute stunner of an exhibition. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELLER AND  CEWE PHOTOBOOK HOST FREE PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION IN BIRMINGHAM The National Geographic Traveller – Winner’s Photography Exhibition in partnership with CEWE PHOTOBOOK and Capture Birmingham will take place on Saturday 19th March  Free exhibition open to public between 11:00 – 16:00 Exhibition hosted at The Krug…

  • Food

    Kiddyum, Ready Meals for Kids

    When I think of ready meals I think of salty, over-processed, convenience food. Something I would never give my kids, but am very guilty of eating myself. When I was first asked if we’d like to try Kiddyum ready meals for kids, I read up on them first, I loved the idea of a really quick meal for the girls once in a while. I think rather than witter on about it, a video to show you the passion and thought behind the brand is best. So it’s pretty impressive, sustainable, naturally occurring sugars and salts, extra veggies and no nasties. My youngest are 4 and 2, they really enjoyed trying the…

  • Technology

    Keep Your Life Simple With 'The Cloud'

    ‘The Cloud’. The term conjures up the idea of tiny digital droplets of valuable data floating in cyberspace that we now have the ability to harvest. With the iCloud celebrity ‘hack’ a while ago, suddenly it’s not only about identity theft and financial fraud, but also everything else. It’s about pictures, interactions and personal information. So should we avoid ‘The Cloud’ because of a few incidents? I couldn’t even if I tried. I wouldn’t even want to. I work on my laptop, phone and desktop device continuously. The idea of having to physically transfer files via USB or data cables is an unwanted distraction. ‘The Cloud’ for me is about…

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    Growing Up with Guns N' Roses

    I’ve always much-preferred rock music, it’s always been more my thing. I like the concerts and usually, the bands are amazing to listen to while I’m working. I’ve always had a couple of band t-shirts knocking around and I love finding vintage ones too. So I thought it would be fun to put a ‘5 Things you Didn’t Know about Guns and Roses’ together. According to Forbes Magazine, they amassed more than 200,000 damages at a show in St Lois, broke a camera which belonged to a fan, threw down his microphone and stomped off stage. Apparently not taking to the stage till 11 pm at a show in Stockholm…