Thank-you Mister Mojo

Dear Mister Mojo aka Beau,   I know you don’t always read the blog, but if you happen to come across is in the next few days this is for you. I know that we as a couple and as a family have had a few difficult times, but we got through it and I hope we continue to do so. Yes I agree I am stubborn, a pain in the arse & overly guarded at times but thank you for understanding why and carrying on. CHAMP! You stepped in and became a step-dad to Eldest very early on, it was a move that we were terrified of  to begin … [Read more…]

For Sarah!

I didn’t post anything yesterday about your birthday…. As it’s a day late Happy Unbirthday!!

And then the sadness

This week has been a funny week for me. Some times I get sad, I want to say depressed but hey, that comes with stigma, one I don’t much care for. Mother has depression, she has had it for years, she takes pills. She also takes spells in which she does things she can never take back and ‘forgets’ about them. I’m not sure if she does, one day I sat and told her some of the things. Things like chasing me up the stairs hitting me with a plastic rod for closing and opening blinds because it had unhooked itself. Things like, pinning my younger brother to a wall … [Read more…]

What I am reading.

 I am going to be honest, I jumped on the Fifty Shades of Grey bandwagon, and devoured the book in one evening. Slightly perverse as it is, I enjoyed it. So I went out and got the second and third book. I don’t care if I have bad taste in books, in facto I know I have trashy taste in books 😉 I wasn’t 100% sure what it was about before I picked it up, I had read someone say it was like Twilight but dirty. I can see that, I can see the possessive nature of that pesky Edward Cullen in Christian Grey, the hazardous trippy up, perfect and doesn’t … [Read more…]