Handmade Burger Co Kids Menu Review

We tend to go out to eat most weekends, sometimes we go for Italian, sometimes we opt for sushi but the girls have a deep love of a simple burger and fries combo. I’ve recently switched to a plant-based diet and my husband loves meat in general. Handmade Burger Co perfectly caters for all of this – which is lovely. The kids menu is pretty straight forward, you get a main, side, drink, and desert for £3.95 – pretty good value. Poppy went for the chicken burger, Lily chose the beef and cheese classic, and Ivy opted for the fish finger burger. For sides two had the chips and one… Read More Handmade Burger Co Kids Menu Review


The Summer Home Edit

The last week or so has seen the sun come out so much more. Longer evenings, brighter light and the change in the air has been gorgeous. Something we do during the summer is change up our home. So here is my Summer Home Edit. Herbalicious We tend to have hardly herbs like Rosemary all year round, but during spring/summer we add Mint, Parsley, Basil and Coriander to our kitchen window ledge. We cook fresher, healthier dishes and fresh herbs go hand in hand with that. Let The Light In During the day we want as much light in the rooms as possible, so we make sure we swap out… Read More The Summer Home Edit

Health and Fitness

Superfoods to Save Your Eyesight

Everyone knows that a healthy diet is what is best in terms of nutrition, but did you know that with the right superfoods you can protect your eyes from harmful blue light. What is Blue Light? Blue light has a higher frequency than red light, meaning that it vibrates with more energy – which can damage your eyes. This blue light has been implicated in ‘Macular Degeneration’ – the leading cause of blindness in the The West. Where Can I Find Blue Light? We are typically exposed to Blue Light via our digital devices, the sun, and artificial lighting. Now-a-days, we use our devices so much, that this will have… Read More Superfoods to Save Your Eyesight


Getting the Most Out of Your Garden (Whatever the Size!)

Making the most out of your outdoor garden space is often the last thing on a long list to be considered when modifying your home, yet the nicer your garden (or back yard) is, the more you and your family will be compelled to spend time in it. Many of us simply do not have time for the upkeep of a garden full of flowerbeds that need weeding and watering, but you can still have a fabulous garden without a big time and effort commitment. This article will give some tips on how to do it.   Furniture Whether it is small or big, your garden’s aesthetic can be vastly… Read More Getting the Most Out of Your Garden (Whatever the Size!)


The Pressure to ‘Feel Good’

Recently I’ve been swimming a few concepts around in my head and usually the culmination of that time is mostly word vomit, surmounting to not a lot. I listen a lot to conversations when I am out and about, not intentionally but just in passing, or forgetting my headphones and sitting on the tram for 35 minutes. You hear a lot. Many mothers take the tram in groups of two or three. I also know a lot of mothers, and while I don’t talk a lot, I do listen when spoken to. I keep coming back to the same topic, the pressure to ‘feel good’, or as it were, the… Read More The Pressure to ‘Feel Good’


How You Can Get More Out Of Your Garden In A Morning

Most parents will agree, if you are up before your children there is something quite peaceful about your home, your garden included. You can hear every sound, you have time for yourself to make that first hot drink of the day, and even a moment to gather your thoughts for the day and week ahead. A morning like this really can be one of the best ways to start your day. As the weather is getting nicer, it can be more and more tempting to step outside with your coffee or tea and enjoy those peaceful minutes in the fresh air. However, if your garden needs some work it might… Read More How You Can Get More Out Of Your Garden In A Morning


The Key To Feeling Safe In Your Own Home

When you’re home alone with the kids, every little creak or groan can have you jumping out of your skin. And while it’s almost certainly not an axe-wielding maniac, the point is, in your overactive imagination it totally could be. But we don’t have to create an impenetrable fortress to be able to sleep at night, just utilising a few choice pieces of equipment, and using a bit of common sense, should be sufficient to put your mind at ease every evening. Keep exteriors well lit Whether you’re walking home late at night to a dark house, or you’re inside looking out during another rainstorm (so much for the great… Read More The Key To Feeling Safe In Your Own Home


A Complete and Simple Guide On How To Make The Best Tomato Sauce for Vegetarians

If you love creating tomato based dishes whether it be lasagna, stew, soups, and sauces, I’m sure that you can’t deny the goodness that comes with homemade tomato sauces. Now you can easily buy tomato sauces at your local supermarket, but if you are a vegetarian or a vegan, you might be better off making your own tomato sauce or tomato paste from scratch. Why? Although a lot of tomato paste and tomato sauces in the market are made with natural ingredients, some commercial tomato pastes and tomato sauces contain non-vegan ingredients such as cheese, meat, and sweeteners.   So if you would like to create a completely vegan tomato… Read More A Complete and Simple Guide On How To Make The Best Tomato Sauce for Vegetarians


It’s the Small Things – Like Toothpaste on the Sink

As parents often we focus on those big beautiful milestones – teething, walking, crawling, passing exams, and all that other good stuff. Sometimes though, it’s the small stuff that really is the best stuff. Little signs that  you have a child in your care. It’s things like, the small shoes littered through the hallway, the tiny trousers hanging on your line, the small hairbands absolutely everywhere. For me, it’s the little bits of toothpaste on the side of the sink where Ivy has brushed her own teeth. It’s tripping over Lily’s school shoes for the hundredth time. It’s watching Poppy walk around the house singing her new favourite songs. It’s… Read More It’s the Small Things – Like Toothpaste on the Sink