How to get the Most From Your Olive Oil

I love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes. Something I think I have often got wrong is which oil I have used and for what purpose. Jamie’s Italian, is one of my favourite places to eat  and they’ve now released the below infographic to help us home cooks out. It’s really useful if like me, you like to get things right. How to get the most from your olive oil: Buy the best quality you can afford. Like most things food related, quality comes with a price. Taste it. Start tasting your oils and begin recognising the subtle flavour sensations like – bitter, sweet, musky or fruity.… Read More How to get the Most From Your Olive Oil


Pinterest Perfect Wedding

Something that we knew was important to us was the photographer at the wedding. We are very, very lucky to have an amazing photographer as a friend (Sarah Debnam). Giving the photographer a lot to work with really helps. Now-a-days people want more interesting photographs and not just the standard group shots. The decor plays a huge part in this. The colour scheme and the lighting will have an amazing and lasting impact on your photos and they should be something you can look back on for years. The rest of the post will focus on how to get your Pinterest Perfect Wedding. Very early in my own wedding planning I… Read More Pinterest Perfect Wedding


Choosing a Wedding Venue in Birmingham

I got married last October and one of the things I spent countless hours Googling was ‘wedding venue Birmingham‘ trying to find somewhere that I thought would work for us and our guests. We knew that because we were having a smaller than average day, that getting a great deal on a venue would be difficult. We managed to get our list down to around 30 people. Here are a few things to look for when choosing your ideal venue: What does your ideal day look like? Large with all the trimmings or smaller and more intimate? Be sure to use the drop down menus on the venue locator on… Read More Choosing a Wedding Venue in Birmingham


How to Host The Perfect Party in London

It’s almost the glorious long summer holiday for those of us with school aged children, time for long luxurious evenings, bright mornings, family and friends with a bit more time to get together. That means it’s also the perfect time to have a party. Here are 5 tips on How to Host The Perfect Party in London. How to Host The Perfect Party in London Look at the space you have available to use, outdoors tend to be a huge hit in the summer, the warm evenings and glorious sun gives a totally chilled vibe – perfect for entertaining. Once you have a space chosen, you can begin to plan.… Read More How to Host The Perfect Party in London


How To Get Silky Smooth Legs

Not everyone enjoys the process of removing hair, I however have always preferred to have smooth legs and pits. I feel fresher afterwards but it has taken years to get to this point. I have tried many different methods over the years. Everything from hair removal creams to waxing. I have now got a process that I really enjoy. How to Get Silky Smooth Legs: Make sure your bath or shower is nice and warm, and that you have been in there at least 15 minutes. This makes it less likely that you will get nicks from a razor because the hair will be softer and the follicles will be… Read More How To Get Silky Smooth Legs


5 Great Ways to Bring Your Garden Inside

Plants are “in” at the moment, but have you thought of literally bringing them in? By which I mean, taking your outdoors garden and bringing (some of) it inside? Many people take their more fragile plants inside during the winter, but you could even go so far as to propagate new plants from cuttings of your existing ones, and see if you can have a smaller version of your outside garden to enjoy indoors! Here are some examples of how to create your own indoors garden, starting from the most banal to the weirdest ideas I found: ● Herb garden I love picking up a basil plant from the supermarket… Read More 5 Great Ways to Bring Your Garden Inside


Those Stressful Life Moments

Stress is an inevitable part of life. There are many events that cause stress; some more than others. Since certain moments are incredibly stressful, it is important to be able to manage these levels of stress. There are many things you can do to handle these moments—recognising what these events involve, preparing yourself, and using small mind tricks, to name a few. Divorce While you may be glad to be leaving a negative relationship, it is still a big change in your life. What is often overlooked are the effects of your divorce to the people around you. For example, your children are extremely vulnerable during this period as they… Read More Those Stressful Life Moments


5 Ingredient Vegan Summer Breakfast Bowl

I have been on a plant-based ‘diet’ for around 3 months now, and one of my ultimate breakfast is only 5 ingredients and fills me up till lunch. I was aware of the fact it’s so easy to slip into a carb trap when you swap your diet around, so I have been actively avoiding carb heavy breakfasts and instead looking to get energy from fruit and nuts.   It’s sweet without needing to add any syrups or sugars, it’s crunchy thanks to the tasty Californian Walnuts and my chosen brand of oats.  Vegan Summer Breakfast Bowl Alpro Simply Plain (or other alternative yoghurt style product) Handful of Walnuts Whatever… Read More 5 Ingredient Vegan Summer Breakfast Bowl


Female Entrepreneur Week – My Inspirational Women

I am very fortunate to know some very inspiring women, in fact I am delighted to actually work alongside some of them. While thinking about what I would write for FEW it was obvious to me that actually, rather than talk about me and what I do, I should be talking about the women than inspire me on a daily basis to do more, do better and dream bigger. Without further ado, here are women who encourage, support, and nurture other women to be who they want to be. Jordan Garvey This women! I could say so, so much about her. She is the mother of a beautiful little girl who… Read More Female Entrepreneur Week – My Inspirational Women