Visiting the Midlands as a Family: Where to Go

Visiting the Midlands as a Family: Where to Go

Neither North nor South, the Midlands is a unique part of the country and one which is full of rich, diverse sights and attractions. Sadly, this area is often passed over by people looking to book holidays or days out in England. Yet while the Midlands doesn’t offer a stunning coastline or a capital city, there are still plenty of opportunities for excitement and adventure right here, close to home.

If you are looking for the perfect location for a family day trip or an afternoon excursion, there is no need to travel to far-flung destinations in search of somewhere to visit. Instead, why not keep things simple and stick closer to home? That way, you can explore some of the hidden gems of your local area and have an enjoyable family day out without the kids whining that they’re bored, hungry, thirsty, or all three on the way there and back again.

Where to Go?

The Midlands offers a wide variety of different places to see and attractions to visit, with options to suit every individual taste. Luckily, many of these attractions are also great for families, providing the perfect destination for a family day out. Depending on location, price and your family’s personal preferences, the opportunities for an enjoyable day out while remaining close to home really are endless.

Kids of all ages are sure to love a visit to Cadbury World in Birmingham, where delicious chocolatey goodness is a definite must. Staying in Birmingham, another popular destination is the National Sea Life Centre, an aquarium boasting over 60 displays of marine life that are sure to keep the little ones entertained.

In Dudley, there is also the Black Country Living Museum, which is well worth a visit for fans of culture and history. Alternatively, the West Midlands Safari Park or the Heights of Abraham in Derbyshire offer the perfect opportunity to spend some time in the great outdoors while still exploring somewhere new and having a great time.

Need to Stay Over?

Sometimes, the journey and an adventure-packed day out can prove to be a little too much for the little ones. On occasions like these, it’s best to get them home and tucked up in bed, ready to dream about the fantastic day they have had. However, if you are travelling a little further afield for your trip, this isn’t always a realistic possibility. Instead, why not book a family room in advance at a local hotel or B&B, and guarantee a great night’s sleep for everyone before the drive back home the following day.

What to Pack?

Packing for the kids can prove to be a bit of a nightmare. If you agree to bring everything they want as well as everything you know they may need, before long you will find yourself carting around enough supplies to last a small village for a month! Instead, the best course of action is to try and bring only the essentials and make sure to pack according to the weather. Of course, if you are only heading out for a day trip, you will understandably need to bring less than if you are planning a weekend getaway, for example. Don’t forget spare sets of clothes, raincoats or sun hats, and a small selection of toys or games to keep fidgety little fingers occupied on the journey.

Are you feeling inspired? Although the school holidays will soon be over, there is still plenty of time to get out and about and visit somewhere new on the weekends. Winter is still a long way off, so make the most of the last remnants of summer and get exploring!

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