The Key To Feeling Safe In Your Own Home

When you’re home alone with the kids, every little creak or groan can have you jumping out of your skin. And while it’s almost certainly not an axe-wielding maniac, the point is, in your overactive imagination it totally could be. But we don’t have to create an impenetrable fortress to be able to sleep at night, just utilising a few choice pieces of equipment, and using a bit of common sense, should be sufficient to put your mind at ease every evening.

Keep exteriors well lit

Whether you’re walking home late at night to a dark house, or you’re inside looking out during another rainstorm (so much for the great British summer!), the dark certainly has a way of getting the scaredy-cat imagination going. Keeping the exteriors, including the garden, driveway, and any car parking spaces, well lit can seriously help to put your mind at ease, and a LED floodlight isn’t going to hike your electricity bill up significantly either. Not only will it help you to feel more at ease, but it also acts as a great deterrent, just in case someone cheeky comes along looking for an opportunity to peek through the window for something that isn’t theirs.

Don’t advertise your home

Most burglars are opportunistic, meaning that if a home looks difficult to access or like it isn’t going to offer much in the way of loot, they’ll move on to another, less savvy target. So one of the best ways to keep your home safe is by making it look like it isn’t worth their time. That means sticking some pretty hefty locks on the windows (and keeping them closed and locked when you’re not at home or in bed), and using a modern and well-kept intruder alarm. Another way to protect your belongings is to ensure that anything of any value is kept out of sight of the windows, especially things which are easy to grab and run, such as iPads, handbags, and cash. Keep boxes for electronic equipment hidden too, if you’ve got an Xbox box in your garden, it’s essentially a big advert to someone who thinks they deserve that Xbox more than you do.

Make the most of technology

Isn’t modern technology a wonderful thing? It’s particularly great if you need to keep your mind at ease. The doorbell app, which will alert you via your smartphone if anyone rings the bell, and even allows you to communicate with them through a camera and microphone, is perfect for anyone who gets a bit nervous, and even more perfect for anyone who’s just a little bit nosey. There are even apps to ensure your windows are closed and locked while you’re out, in case you ever get a little bit paranoid. There really is no excuse to ever panic about your home’s security, whether you’re in the house or on the other side of the world anymore.

It’s essential to feel safe in your own home, especially when you’ve got children to watch over, but with modern technology and a touch of common sense, you can put your mind at ease for good.

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