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Self Care has been sweeping the nation as the thing to do. To get your mind, body and soul all in a great space. How we do that varies from person to person, for me it’s really simple. I run a very hot bath with the bubbles or bath bomb I’ve reserved for this very moment, I hit play on my ‘Relax’ playlist, my bed is made, my towels are warming by the radiator. I light my candles, all scented with something floral and sweet. I use the Balmain shampoo  that smells amazing, and a leave in conditioner while I soak. I make sure that I have time to use the Dove Derma Spa Goodness cream, because it’s super thick and takes a few minutes to sink in.

After all of that I grab my silk kimono, and dry my hair. For me, switching up the products I use and getting myself clean and relaxed means my following day will be more productive, I will be much cooler during difficult situations and I smell pretty fabulous too. I have always believed that the things that make you happy, are things you should invest in . Time or money, either way.

The List

Soft Satin Wrap  from  David Nieper – I am firm fan of cosy jumpers and thick socks, sometimes I prefer a thin wrap style dressing gown though. This one is lightweight but brilliant quality.  It’s price at £155 , is pure satin and comes in XS to 3XL. Dressing gowns, kimonos, and wraps are all long term investments. Think about how many years you’ve used your current dressing gown! It’s worth splashing out on that little bit of lux.

Luxury scented candles can bring a whole new element to your home, these Neom Organics London candles are amazing. The largest one comes in at £45, might seem a bit steep but it’s an investment worth making. If it’s out of your budget, try one of the smaller sizes first.Face masks. I use different face masks depending what my skins needs. At the moment I have been working pretty late nights, so my go to mask is a brightening sheet mask. Although, if you’ve ever seen my Instagram you’ll know I use different ones a lot, so before you purchase think about what your skin needs. Does it need a brightening? Exfoliant? Moisture? Have a good look at your skin before you decide.

I’ve just swapped my brands for my cleanser, toner and moisturiser. I was using the Aloe Vera range from The Body Shop, which consisted of a cleanser, toner, and night/day cream depending on when I was using it. And although I’ve had great success with them, it was time to change it up a bit. So I swapped, last week to L’Oreal Fine Flowers. The difference was amazing within one day of use, my skin was very soft, looked great and it really soothed my skin. Having sensitive skin, it can always be a risk changing brands but this was totally worth it.

The next thing is a magazine, that comes in at about £10. That to me is serious cash to spend on a magazine, but it’s creative, it’s different, it’s quirky and I keep them all for inspiration on projects I work on. If you haven’t ever picked up a copy of Flow Magazine, check out their website for amazing paper based goodies.

Some links included are affiliate links, this means that if you purchase anything through that link, I will get a few quid too. 

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