Gifts for Him That You’ll Love too

Wait, it’s his birthday again?!?

Didn’t he have one of those last year?


As the years pass by and your man incrementally becomes the man who has everything, it’s increasingly difficult to find unique original gifts he’ll remember for years to come. Unless he really likes socks, which few men do.

He’s pretty great and you’re pretty great to him, so the average coffee mug with a little teddy in it just won’t do.

So as that big birthday/ anniversary/ just because I love you present looms on the horizon, here are some handy hints nip it in the bud before it becomes a cripplingly heavy load on your mind.

And, hey, if you get a little residual enjoyment out of it, so much the better right?


This time it’s personal

Personalised gifts are all the rage. They’re fun, unique, very often gorgeous and you can often get them without a hefty price tag. have a great range of personalised gifts that your man will adore whatever he’s into including (but not limited to):

  • Jewellry
  • Cookware
  • Wall art
  • Apparel
  • Tools

If you have little people in your life then there are plenty of ‘Daddy’-centric gifts on there too including an adorable personalised “Daddy & me” book, that you’ll love reading with the kids together.


Eat, drink and be merry


Often a memory is the most precious gift you can give a loved one, so why not set up the date to end all dates for his special day. And, hey, it’s a great excuse for you to indulge too.

Taking him out to his favourite restaurant is great and all but it can become mundane, so why not shake things up by whisking him away on a weekend break at a luxury hotel or a michelin starred restaurant. If your other half is something of an Oenophile (that’s a wine lover to you and me), then wine tasting experiences can be a lot of fun and surprisingly inexpensive.


Adventure Time


If you’re fella is an adrenaline junkie then there are a host of fun and affordable adventures that you can enjoy together. Skydiving ( or flying lessons ( are great for those with their heads in the clouds, while speed freaks may enjoy driving a range of supercars ( If you have a love of creepy crawlies then there are a great many zoos and conservation centres that provide fun experiences with animals bugs and lizards (the kids will have a whale of a time too).


Give a gift that gives

For the philanthropically inclined there’s no better gift than knowing that you’re giving a gift that will help transform lives. If you have a charity to which you usually donate (Oxfam, the NSPCC and PresentAid have a range of gift packages) then chances are they’ll have a special gift package for your loved one that will do a world of good to someone in need and bring you closer together in the knowledge that you’re making the world a better place.

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