If You Cut Me, I Bleed Coffee

That is a slight exaggeration. Slight. 

I do drink a lot of coffee. When I am on the go I prefer to stick with the classics, a Viennese coffee, a flat white or a large cappuccino are my usual orders while out. If I am back in Rotterdam, I head to Douwe Egberts and order something with a hazelnut twist. I’ve also been trying out independent coffee shops when I can, and I find often the coffee has a stronger and more interesting flavour. At home I am partial to a Bukeela ka, which is Ethiopian or a Dulsão do Brasil which is incredibly creamy and is made from yellow bourbon beans from Brazil.

While my Instagram is littered with countless coffee photos, sometimes it’s nice to know exactly WHAT type of coffee you are drinking and WHERE it’s from. This brilliant infographic from Coffee In My Veins  covers some of my most loved coffees.


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