Choosing a Wedding Venue in Birmingham

I got married last October and one of the things I spent countless hours Googling was ‘wedding venue Birmingham‘ trying to find somewhere that I thought would work for us and our guests. We knew that because we were having a smaller than average day, that getting a great deal on a venue would be difficult. We managed to get our list down to around 30 people.

Here are a few things to look for when choosing your ideal venue:

  1. What does your ideal day look like? Large with all the trimmings or smaller and more intimate? Be sure to use the drop down menus on the venue locator on the link above to get the sizing right.
  2. Do you need to arrange the catering or is it available on site? If so will they be able to cater for any allergies or dietary requirements of your guests? Aside from those questions – is the food something you would like? After all it is your day. While you should bear in mind the requirements of your guests, make sure the day works for you too.
  3. Is the wedding venue easy to access for those that will be travelling via train or plane? We had a few people flying in from various locations in Europe and beyond. Making sure that the guests could get there with ease was a priority for us. Our day was about the people there as much as us.
  4. Will you be staying in a hotel the night before or getting ready at home? If you are travelling from home something to consider is the route you will need to take. Motorways? Country lanes? Is the venue ideally a hotel? If you opt for a hotel for the whole celebrations it’s a good idea to check for the discount available to your guests.
  5. This goes without saying but – book as early as you can and you will have plenty of time to arrange the rest.

Other top tips is – check the trimmings like venue decor, cake stand, wedding planning services and so on. Your wedding day can be a reflection of you and your partner, your choice of venue can help you get 90% of the arrangements sorted in a couple of meetings.

Hopefully, at the end of your wedding day, you will be looking a little something like this…

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