Baker Days Cake

When I got the chance to test out a cake you get in the post from Baker Days, obviously I was going to say yes. Who doesn’t like to eat cake?

 So I followed the instruction and ordered a little cake for the girls. The ordering process isn’t difficult although you might be a little overwhelmed by the sheer choice of cakes – I know I was.

Eventually I settled on something that they would love but would also give me something really to look at the quality and detail of.

Onwards we go to the day it arrived, it arrives in a very unassuming white box – which is lovely if you’re trying to surprise someone with a tasty treat. 

This is what you get on first impressions. The tin is actually one of my favourite touches on this. The girls had a greats time with their balloons and party blower/noisy thingy. The small details are what make this a little bit special.

I think the simplicity of the tin, the pale yellow and the fact it is something extra to open up is lovely and I have to say for me the unboxing is half the fun!

To the inside –

Although you might think you shouldn’t really need a tag to help you get the cake out, I’m going to disagree. It saves you flipping the cake over, which let us face this – most of us would.

So as you can see so far it’s a pretty nicely presented cake.

To the topping we go!

I’ve blurred the girlies names – there wasn’t a printing error.

 There is a character limit you have to consider when you’re putting your cake together so make sure what you have to say is short and sweet.

This is a picture of what I ordered on the website –

There are some big differences in what I’d ordered as to what arrived, it was considerably darker – so with that in mind I’d recommend you order a light coloured cake! The topping is a light icing, not a heavy or thick one as you might expect and because of this it doesn’t feel like you’re eating something that you have had in the post or picked up off the shelf in a store. It really does have a homely and light feel to it.

The middle of the cake is something that you really want to try, you really do. I’m all for the middle bit of a cake, the top could in fact have a picture of a willy, bum or a boobie and I want the middle anyway.

I was very – very happy.

The middle was a moist, chocolatey delight. It was much, much better than what I had been expecting of the posted cake. I had the Chocolate Chip Sponge Cake made only with Belgian chocolate which would normal cost a little extra. It would have been worth it. The chips were large and there were plenty of them.

It was quite a decadent filling, it went perfectly with a latte, tea, coffee, milk and a strawberry milkshake.

I invited every visitor we had over the space of 2 days to try the cake out. Some of the comments included –

‘That’s tasty man, gimme some more.’ – Brother

‘Holy shit did that really come in the post?’ – Mr

‘You have no excuse not to send me something for my birthday now.’ – Parent
‘Mom…where is all the cake?’ – Eldest

And my personal favourite, out the mouth of babes…

‘S’mine gerrofit, MINE CAKE.’ – Mojo

The cake was a hit with everyone who saw and tried a piece. I think the £14.99 price tag might seem like a bit much but if you consider that you didn’t have to bake it,  package it and pay postage I think you might be on to a winner. It says it it ideal for 2-4 people, however you can easily fit perhaps 1/2 more people on that if you fancy sharing!

I adore the whole premise of this cake in the post. It is something a little bit different and really lovely. I quite often send gifts to my grandparents with pictures of the girls on and this is one more thing have in my arsenal of awesome.

Will I be ordering a cake any time soon? Actually yes, I’ll be getting one sent to my Nana who didn’t get to try the first one!

You can check out Baker Days on any of the following links –

* We were gifted the cake for review purposes.


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