How To Update Your Home With Redoing Your Decor


From time to time, we get tired of the way we’ve decorated our home. At one point, we absolutely loved it. But as the years have passed, that super stylish kitchen style we chose is starting to look a little shabby – outdated even. So, we want to redecorate.

But, when you want to decorate, you need time, money and a lot of patience to get it done. If you’re not in a position to completely redecorate your home or even a room, a few simple updated might be all you need to keep your home family friendly, but with a decor that you love.

Repaint The Details

When a room starts to look outdated, the paint on the walls or the wallpaper can still look great. But, it’s the details that are letting the room down. So, when you’re considered what to do to update a room, look at the smaller features. Things like door frames, picture rails, skirting, and coving could be the culprits. They take up a lot of space in the room and after a quick lick of paint could make the room look completely brand new. You might even think about replacing any of things or add in a new door design to a room, to update the room at a fraction of the cost.

Update Your Fixtures

Next, you’re going to want to think about the fixtures you have in each room, or in the room that you’re looking to update. If you’re thinking about updating your kitchen, you don’t have to get a new layout installed. You can change the cupboard or even repaint them to give the room an entirely different look. You can do the same with shelving features that you may have in there, or any other room in the house. When it comes to the bathroom, if you have a plain suit installed, you can always look to update the flooring or paint the tiles for a similar effect. You could even consider an amazing feature like a traditional roof lantern.

Buy New Furniture

Another thing you can do to each room is consider updating your furniture. If you’ve had the same sofa for years and years, or you’ve never actually invested in any furniture of your own, now might be the time. Say you have a sofa, coffee table, dining table and entertainment storage all in one room. If you’ve added to it over time, everything might feel a little mismatched. When you’re looking to update your room, do it with furniture. 

Add In New Accessories

If you’re happy with the colour of a room and you like the furniture you already have, a really simple way to update the space is with the accessories you have. You might have a key colour theme in a room that is present only in the accessories. If so, you can change that so easily. Add in new things like cushions and throws, wall art and lighting fixtures, rugs and decorative ornaments, like candles and vases, to make a change to the overall look and feel of your decor.



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