The Spring Home Edit

I don’t know about you but when the mornings get a little brighter, it’s raining a bit less and it’s starting to warm up I know it’s time to pack away the huge blankets and darker coloured pillows and add some spring colours and textures.

Going Green

One of the very first things I do, is get in some new plants. Although we have some indoor plants all year round, it’s nice to bring in that extra green boost – cheers me up every morning. One of my favourite things to do is pick some new plant pots. Simple but so effective!

Smell of the Season

Secondly, I love to swap my apple and cinnamon scented candles for florals and sea breezes. When there is a light breeze, the sun is shining but it’s not yet warm enough to be in the garden the light, sweet floral candles make the house smell so beautiful. Popping the window open moves the scent around the house a bit more – perfect.

The Big Clothes Swap

This is just a really simple thing. I move the extra thick jumpers, coats and scarves to the back of the draw or cupboard, and pull my lighter jackets, thinner scarves, and those shoes that can only deal with dry weather forward. It makes it so much easier to make sure I have everything sorted in advance, I tend grab a jacket as I leave and not plan it too much. This helps me have the right layers on.

I also use this time to give away, or bin clothing that has seen better days. A mini wardrobe spring clean – fun and practical.

Giving Great Front

The Spring Home Edit extends itself outside your front door too. At the moment I have a Hydrangea  unfurling  its bright green leaves again, in a few short weeks it will have purple/blue buds, and in no time big beautiful flowers. Not only does this make me very happy to see as I walk towards my front door, but anyone who comes to the door also notices this welcoming pop of colour.

If you don’t have a front garden or path space, then having a wall hanging plant or an evergreen wreathe are equally lovely ways of welcoming spring and extending your creative flare outside of the home.

Declutter Your Space

Over the space of the winter months, some hoe between birthday cards and Christmas gifts we end up with a lot of clutter. Gathering dust. When the sun shines through the windows it make it all the more obvious. The urge to clean up is huge. Start looking at what you have around you, the little nooks and crannies you’ve maybe been using to store ‘nik-naks’ that you never use, or the draws you’ve used as ‘tat’ holders. Start clearing them  out. It doesn’t have to be a big task, try the 60 second method – if it takes 60 seconds or less to do, do it there and then. You’ll be surprised how quickly those 60 seconds add up, and before you know it, you’ll have done a whole room.

Add a Cool Feature

While you’re in the middle of decluttering and primping your home, it’s a great time to add a great feature – something new. Perhaps a new painting, a new colourful rug, changing your lampshades can also have a huge impact. What about something unusual like the picture below? Finding images and text that inspire you and hanging them like this?

Whatever you do for you and your home this Spring, don’t be afraid to throw things away or give them to charity if you just don’t love them. Look online for Interior Inspiration, and most importantly – Have Fun!

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