Put Together a Playful Home with These Tips

When we get older, we can take the view that some things are childish and it’s time to leave them behind. You might decide to ditch that view when you have kids of your own, but you don’t have to be a parent to get in touch with your inner child. At home, you can improve your space by taking a more playful approach to it.


Play with Colours and Patterns

If your home looks a bit too grown up, perhaps you need to get some fun colours and patterns into play. While neutral shades and darker colours might be practical, they’re not exactly fun. Try experimenting with some brighter hues and a few different patterns or motifs, from spots and stripes to animals.


Have Things to Play With

Just because you’re an adult, it doesn’t mean you can’t play. There are lots of fun things you can put around the house to play with, from desk toys to board games. Have objects you can pick up and fiddle with in idle moments and games you can enjoy with others too.


Add Creative Spaces

Being able to let out your creativity whenever you want to is good for you. Whether you have kids or you live alone, creating areas where you can be creative is a great idea. You can use chalkboards and whiteboards, put magnetic letters on the fridge, or maybe set up an easel in the corner of one room.


Take Inspiration from Your Childhood

For a more playful home, it makes sense to think back to your childhood. One thing that most people are familiar with is the different fairy tales that we grow up with. This Factory Direct infographic helps you take inspiration from them for your home.

Infographic Design By Factory Direct Flooring

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