Budget friendly kitchen makeovers

Budget friendly kitchen makeovers

The kitchen is perhaps the room that can see the biggest and most tangible benefits from a makeover. But it is also the part of the house that you might avoid approaching. Many fear that to do it right will cost a four-figure sum, and involve weeks of disruption with nowhere to cook or store food while the project is ongoing.

The truth is that although it is, of course, possible to rip everything out and start from scratch, there are plenty of less drastic measures you can take to revitalise your kitchen, without causing irreparable damage to your bank balance or major disruption to family life. Let’s look.

Tremendous tiles

Tiles are among the best inventions around for a kitchen or bathroom makeover on a budget. Not only are they cheap and simple to install, but you can actually work wonders just by revitalising your existing tiles. You would be astonished at the effect that simply giving them a good clean and replacing the grouting can have – it makes your kitchen look like new, and all for a few pounds and a couple of hours’ work.


A blinding idea for windows

How to dress windows in kitchens is a perennially difficult question. Curtains never really look the part, and while roller blinds can work with some types of decor, they have a tendency to gather dust and to soak up grease and cooking smells. A clever idea to provide a modern, attractive appearance that is, at the same time, easy to keep clean and simple to install, is to fit some DIY shutters. You can get them in any colour, and they just wipe clean in a matter of seconds.

Look down 

The one area that can really make or break a room is the floor, yet it is often the last thing we think of when giving a room a makeover. Again, tiles can be a great option here, but involve a little more upheaval to install. A viable alternative is to consider laminate flooring. It is neither as expensive nor as difficult to install as you might think – in fact, if you shop around, you can find laminate flooring that is even cheaper per metre than carpeting. And as long as you have some basic DIY skills and tools, installation is a matter of simplicity.


Light it up

If there is one thing that is certain to let a kitchen down, it is insufficient lighting. Modern LEDs are both energy-efficient and easy to fit for a qualified electrician. Spotlights over the worktops look smart and contemporary, while also making the kitchen a nicer place to be.


Change the doors

If your cupboards are looking a little tired, the thought of taking them all out and installing replacements might seem a bit too close to that earlier idea of causing mass destruction and inconvenience. Yet, you can create the same effect at lower cost and practically zero hassle, by simply replacing the doors and handles.


A splash of paint

A couple of pots of paint and the associated equipment are definitely not going to cost the earth, and can make your kitchen look like new. You are not restricted to the walls – painting those cabinets is an even easier way of giving them a new lease of life!



Some well thought out accessories can transform a kitchen from utilitarian to homely. Try to create an ongoing theme, and display your favourite items, such as special crockery and ornaments, on the shelves for all to see.

Get artistic

There is nothing like some attractive wall art to set off the look of a room. For some reason, people never seem to think of adding this to a kitchen, which is a shame, as it can create a unique vibe. From pastel seascapes to eye-catching pop art, this really is one area in which there is something for everyone!


Clever storage

With a little imagination, you can make a feature of your storage. Pan hangers, spice racks and wine racks are just three examples of functional storage tools that can add style to your kitchen. For an unusual and highly cost-effective solution, you could even make your own – just look at these remarkable creations that some clever souls have created from old pallets!


Beautify your kitchen

Giving your kitchen a makeover and turning it into a room that is attractive, practical and will be the envy of your friends and neighbours does not have to be a frightening proposition. Try it this weekend!

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