5 Cheap Ways To Add Value To Your Home

Own a property and thinking of selling up some time in the future? Whilst most property will naturally increase in value over time, renovating and making a few alternations can help to boost the value even more so. Some renovations can be costly. However, there are others that are surprisingly affordable and ideal if you’re on a budget.


Fix up your curb appeal

First impressions are everything. Giving the front of your home a facelift can dramatically increase it’s a value. This could include anything from tidying up the driveway to getting a new front door to repainting the whole front of the house if it is faded or flaking. Even small details such as hanging basket plants and clean windows may cause a surveyor or realtor to value it higher.


Tidy the back garden

A neglected garden can look bad on a property listing. Try tidying it up and make repairs to any fence panels, sheds, decking or patio paving. Features such as ponds, patios, decking, fire pits and summer houses can often boost value. It can often be worth hiring a gardener or a landscaper if you’re not green fingered or don’t have the time and patience. They will be able to suggest ideas that give your garden that extra glow.


Convert don’t extend

Extensions can be great for adding more space and more value, however you may already have an unused room in your home that you can convert into a liveable space to save costs. Converting a loft or garage are common ways of doing this – the masonry is already there, so you’ll save big costs here. Many builders are able to do conversions, along with other handymen such as electricians that may be needed for providing electrics and water. You can convert a room yourself if you have the know-how, although quite often it can be more efficient to hire professionals.


Go green

Homes are now being encouraged to be more eco-friendly. Insulating is the most popular way of doing this, keeping the house warmer and reducing the need to use as much gas. Some insulation methods include double-glazing, cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and buying a boiler jacket. Other methods can make electricity usage cleaner such as solar panels. All these green features will up your home’s value. Some homeowners may be eligible for a grant, which could save costs massively.



Repaint the walls

An extra splash of paint could be another simple solution to boost your home’s value. This could worthwhile doing if the current paint is faded or cracked or if there is staining. Some colours can also be controversial and may pay to be painted over. Pink can be too feminine and may put off some buyers, lowering the value as a result. Black should also be avoided – this can be too morbid for some people and is hard to paint over. Try to stick to neutral colours such as whites, yellows and light blues.

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