The Benefits of a Family Staycation

The Benefits of a Family Staycation

While we all look forward to jetting off in the summer to somewhere exotic, inclusive of warm weather and gorgeous sandy beaches, holidaying abroad just isn’t for everyone.

When you are care free with limited responsibilities, you don’t think twice about booking a flight to wherever you point to on a map. However, as we grow older and take on responsibilities, such as bringing up children and paying a mortgage, we soon realise that we cannot just simply up sticks and go whenever and wherever we like.

It’s a shame, but that is life. Also, many parents soon regret take small children on planes, especially for long-haul flights as they can be very stressful for child and parent.

Keeping things Simple

Every year we look forward to our summer holiday, as we simply need to step away from the usual hassle of work and other commitments and take time to ourselves. The best way to de-stress is to take things easy, and more often than not the simplest way is the best way.

That is why many families would rather opt for a domestic break, as opposed to flying overseas. You can reap all of the benefits of an expensive all-inclusive holiday in the sun right here on your doorstep. With various holiday parks dotted around the country, you can enjoy the freedom of a relaxing break almost anywhere.

Caravan Holidays

Undoubtedly you will have driven by a caravan park somewhere in the UK, particularly if you spent the day on the coast as this is a particular hotspot for such park. When you think of a caravan, your initial thoughts will probably be a cramped little mobile home that you hook up onto the back of your car.

If you have ever stayed on a holiday park, you will know that the homes have more in common than your house made of bricks and mortar than your standard caravan. On top of this, many parks offer onsite facilities and activities, much the same as holiday resorts in exotic lands do.

Families with young children make use of spots such as these due to their low costs and flexibility, and the fact they do not have to comfort a crying baby through airport security. This is one option that won’t break the bank if you are set on holidaying during the middle of summer.

Insurance and Data Charges

One of the main drains on your finances when it comes to holidaying abroad is data charges. Although these are beginning to be clamped down on inside the EU, the general uncertainty which surrounds the UK’s place on the continent means that we could be exempt from caps in the future.

While there are ways and means of dodging such charges, such as using a local sim, the average tourist can easily be stung by roaming charges. The same can be said about travel insurance, which can cost a very pretty penny if you do not know what you are looking at.

Often, holiday makers can pay for the same insurance twice or three times over, simply because they feel obliged to buy the insurance. Always know what you are buying and the essentials that you need before leaving.

With all of the hassle that can go into planning a holiday abroad, it is little wonder why many families opt to remain in the UK, where they do not have to worry about roaming charges or spending out hundreds of pounds on travel insurance. Just another way of how a staycation keeps your holiday stress free.

For those of us that are watching the pennies, and quite simply do not want to put up with the hassle that travelling abroad can bring, especially with young children, a domestic break can be every bit as fun and relaxing as a luxury stay in the Bahamas.

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