Here’s Why Gardening Is One Of The Most Healthy Hobbies!

There are so many healthy hobbies out there, from going to the gym to experimenting with raw cooking. However, many people don’t realize that gardening is one of the most healthy hobbies there is! Everybody should try this great hobby to notice a big difference in their lives. Here’s why gardening is one of the most healthy hobbies:

Stress Relief

Stress is a huge problem in this day and age, what with the demands of work and everything else we worry about. Taking part in different leisure activities can be a great way to relieve stress, but many don’t realize that gardening is actually one of the best ways to do it. In a study, two groups of people were told to either read indoors or garden outside. Those who chose gardening had lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol in comparison to the reading group!

Improved Mental Health

People with depression and bipolar were found to greatly improve with the help of gardening programs. Their mood improved significantly as the project went on, and it even continued to improve 3 months after the program finished. Some say this is because gardening is almost a form of meditation, paying effortless attention to the flowers and task at home. However, some say it’s also down to something in the soil that encourages the body to produce serotonin. Like a natural anti-depression drug.

Exercise And Fresh Air

Gardening isn’t the most hardcore exercise you can be doing, but it’s a brilliant low impact form of exercise that can help to keep your physical health up as well as your mental health. Not only that, you get plenty of fresh air as you work outdoors.

Keep Your Brain Healthy

Keeping the brain healthy is crucial, and gardening is one great way to do so. Some studies even suggest that those who take part in gardening activities lower their risk of getting things like dementia. However, even those who are already suffering from a decline in their brain function can benefit from gardens. That’s why many residential homes have special gardens that they can walk around without getting lost.

Better Nutrition

If you decide to start growing your own fruits and vegetables, you’ll also be able to enjoy better nutrition. This is the healthiest, freshest food you can eat. You won’t believe how much better home produce tastes until you’ve tried it for yourself. Even kids who help to do this were found to enjoy a variety of different foods and be less picky at meal times.

How To Get Started

Getting started with this hobby is probably easier than you think. There are so many places you can get your supplies, including from a hydroponics supplier. You can also download helpful apps that remind you when to do things, such as water your plants.


Now you can see why gardening is one of the most healthy hobbies, you should definitely give it a go for yourself. Leave your thoughts on the subject below!



  1. craig

    Great post and I completely agree, getting some fresh air and just switching off a bit from day to day worries is something we all need and gardening is a great way of doing that. Thanks for the share.

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