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Square Pie in Grand Central Birmingham have been serving up tasty treats for some time now, but I had never been in it. When I was asked if I wanted to try something from their new menu I replied ‘I love pie’. I really do. I took my friend along with me and the photo above is her dish. She went for the British Beef, Wonky Veg and Ale (so did I), mashed potato, gravy and a helping of beans. she also had some of the (amazing) coleslaw in a cup on the side.

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I don’t know how you eat your pie but I am a lid peeler. I like to slowly peel the lid off, intact and take a look at the middle. You can see from the photo this one has big mouthfuls of very tender beef. It was melt in your mouth style, very little chewing involved for a big flavour impact. The veg gave sweet soft bites as you went along. I can’t help feeling like the squareness of the pie actually means you could have more filling than a round counterpart. Maybe that is something I need to google?

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Where so I start with this one? With the broccoli – obviously. I absolutely love raw broccoli, and it fits so well in the crunch and texture of the rest of the ‘slaw. I really enjoyed the parsley too. The whole combo is light, creamy, crunchy without being heavy and although you might not think it, goes really well with pie.

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We TRIED to finish it all, we really did. We’d been at an event earlier in the day and hadn’t had anything since breakfast so there was plenty of space for pie.

Anyway, if you are between catching trains, shopping in Grand Central Birmingham, or just in need of a damn fine pie, head to Square Pie!

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